Did Bears catch a big break on controversial fumble ruling after big hit?

There seemed to be consensus about the great success of Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller at the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who knocked Ke’Shawn Vaughn back. Everyone seemed to think it was a legal game.
What happened next was more controversial.
Officials threw a flag at Fuller's hit because it looked like it might be illegal. The repetition made it clear that Vaughn had gathered and Fuller hit him on the shoulder. It was a tough blow, but legal. The flag was picked up. Although everyone seemed to think the hit was okay, we saw many calls the other way. The bears were lucky that the flag was withdrawn.
That led to another decision. Since the hit was legal, officials checked it to see if Vaughn had caught and fumbled. That wasn't so conclusive. Vaughn was still bringing the ball and adjusting as Fuller hit it. But after verification, which was automatic in the last two minutes of half, it was decided that Vaughn caught the ball and fumbled around. It was a call that could have gone either way.
That gave the Bears a tremendous field position and they made money and scored a touchdown for Jimmy Graham.
Can't-Miss Play: Graham does a one-handed circus for TD before halfway through
Chicago Bears Close End Jimmy Graham does a one-handed circus for TD before halfway through. This game will be streamed live on the Yahoo Sports mobile app or on NFL.com
Instead of penalizing the hit or declaring the game incomplete, the Bears took a break and took the lead 14-13.
Many NFL games activate a 50-50 call. The bears took a big break on Thursday evening. Actually two.
Chicago Bears cornerback Kyle Fuller made a big game at the end of the first half. (Photo by Robin Alam / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)
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