Did You Catch These Celeb Cameos in "The Haunting of Bly Manor?"

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Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor premiered on Netflix on October 9th.
The new season featured familiar faces from The Haunting of Hill House such as Victoria Pedretti and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. But there are also new faces like T'nia Miller and Amelia Eve.
Read on for a cast breakdown and some major spoilers.
Aside from the hidden ghosts found in almost every creepy picture, one of the best parts of Netflix's The Haunting of Bly Manor is the impressive (mostly British) cast, made up of a multitude of Hollywood newcomers. Together they bring the seductive story of a young American - told by a humble narrator - who moves to Great Britain and becomes the nanny for two wealthy children. What's next is a series of twists and turns that reveal centuries of ghostly secrets - and even a couple of love stories.
Although we've seen a few in the cast of other Netflix shows, including the Haunting of Hill House like Victoria Pedretti (Dani) and Kate Siegel (Viola), the horror series marked many of the cast's first major US roles. Look out for a child actress who happens to be the voice of an incredibly popular animated pig. And a cameo by Greg Sestero of The Room. Read on to find out more about the cast at Bly Manor. Also, we've added their Instagram so you can do your own research.
Victoria Pedretti as Dani Clayton
Instagram: @ then0t0ri0usvip
After Pedretti's first appearance as Nell Crain (aka The Bent Neck Lady) in The Haunting of Hill House, she returned as Dani, the withdrawn 1980s nanny at Bly Manor who made her home in America for a new life behind leaves. She is soon embroiled in a heartbreaking Gothic romance with a certain caretaker of the manor that ends tragically - which we are not going to spoil here.
Pedretti thrilled again in 2019 with her disturbing portrayal of Joe's co-hort Love Quinn in her second season. If you haven't already, we highly recommend that you give him a watch.
Oliver Jackson-Cohen as Peter Quint
Instagram: @ojacksoncohen
Jackson-Cohen perfected the whole damaged, dangerous, straight white male thing with both his roles as domineering, possessive, possessive ghost Peter Quinn at Bly Manor, as well as fighting addict Luke Crain in The Haunting of Hill House. And in the 2020 horror movie Invisible Man, he played Elisabeth Moss' super successful (but abusive) husband.
"As a kid, I was incredibly superstitious and very scared to the point where I didn't want to go to the attic because there were ghosts there," he told OprahMag.com. "I remember being convinced in season 1 that someone was sitting at the end of my bed. For some reason something changed in my brain and now I think it's all nonsense. It's like exposure therapy. A Part of [the Show]. "
T'nia Miller as Hannah Grose
Instagram: @tniamiller
Miller, who played a minor role in season 2 of Netflix's sex education, tells OprahMag.com that she was as surprised as we were to learn the truth about the most stylish housekeeper on TV, Hannah Grose. We're not going to spoil it here, just knowing that Hannah's story takes a big turn in Episode 5.
"I didn't know it was coming," says Miller. "When I got to episode 5, I said, 'Close the front door, huh? This is new, I've never done anything like this before. This is brilliant.'"
Henry Thomas as Henry Wingrave
Instagram: @hjthomasjr
Thomas was in the first season of the anthology series, The Haunting of Hill House, as Patriarch Hugh Crain. Now he's back as Henry Wingrave, an innocent uncle who has his own reason for evading Bly. Thomas is best known for his role as a young boy named Elliott in Steven Spielberg's iconic E.T. the alien.
Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Miles Wingrave
Instagram: @ benjamin.evan.ainsworth
According to IMDB, Ainsworth only has three other credits to his name, with his formidable twist as unusually troubled and mature (read: obsessed with a grown man) Miles Wingrave being his first major role. He told The Beat that he and fellow actress Amelie Bea Smith were "best friends" when they were filming Bly Manor in Vancouver.
Amelie Bea Smith as Flora Wingrave
Photo credit: Eike Schroter / Netflix
If you have a kid in your life (or if you like kid cartoons yourself) you can spot Smith playing the perfectly gorgeous doll-loving Flora Wingrave. In February 2020, the 9-year-old made her debut as Peppa Pig and voiced the title character from the popular children's animation series. From 2018 to 2019 she also played in the British soap opera EastEnders.
Amelia Eve as Jamie
Instagram: @vmeliveve
Eve's role as Bly Manor Groundskeeper Jamie, who falls in love with the nanny, is one of her first. Her only other merit is a small role in the comedy series Enterprice 2017.
Rahul Kohli as Owen
Instagram: @ rahulkohli13
Before Kohli was Owen, Bly Manor's personal chef, he starred in DC Comics' iZombie - another Netflix series that premiered its fifth and final season in August 2019. You can also see him on seasons 2 and 5 of CW's Supergirl.
Tahirah Sharif as Rebecca Jessel
Instagram: @tahirah_sharif
Sharif made a haunting but breathtaking impression as the beautiful nanny Rebecca Jessel, who succumbed to a tragic love story. The actress is relatively new to Hollywood, but she has appeared in all three wonderful films on Netflix's A Christmas Prince series.
Katie Siegel as a viola
Photo credit: Netflix
Instagram: @katesiegelofficial
If you think you recognize Siegel from last season, then you are absolutely right. She played the second oldest Crain sibling, Theo, in The Haunting of Hill House. And now she returns as the despised Viola, aka (spoilers ahead) ... the faceless lady in the lake who has haunted Bly Manor for hundreds of years. Siegel also happens to be married to director Mike Flanagan and has starred in his other horror films, Hush, Oculus, and Ouija.
Carla Gugino as the narrator
Photo credit: Netflix
Instagram: @carlagugino
At the beginning of Episode 1 we are introduced to a mysterious older woman - played by Gugino - who chooses a young couple's wedding weekend as the perfect setting for a 9-hour (incredibly depressing) ghost story. Of course, we learn the narrator's true identity by the finale, and her bleak wedding story begins to make sense. And of course, you'll recognize Gugino as Haunting of Hill House's obsessed mom Olivia Crain.
Christie Burke and Greg Sestero as today's Flora and her bridegroom.
Photo credit: Netflix
Instagram: @gregsestero
As we learn in the finale, The Narrator actually attends the wedding of a much older Flora (Burke) and her nameless husband, played by Greg Sestero, the star of one of the worst / best and most iconic films of all time, The Room. As for Burke? Twihards my recognizes her as a teenager Renesmee Cullen from Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2.
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