'Die and go to hell': Assistant Utah AG sends fiery email after candidate disturbs his nap

Utah Assistant Attorney General Steven Wuthrich apologized after telling a Salt Lake City councilor in a slogan-filled email to "die kindly and go to hell," claiming the city's legislature did disturbed his nap on Saturday.
Darin Mano, the first Asian-American councilor from Salt Lake City, told NBC News on Wednesday that he was "shocked" and "worried" to read the prosecutor's angry email when he returned home Saturday night after leaving knocked on doors for his city council campaign.
"I will do everything in my power to ensure that you are never elected to a higher position as a dog catcher," wrote Wuthrich in his email to Mano. "I hate you. I hate your family. I hate your lawyers. I hate your contributors. I hate your sponsors. Please die and go to hell, mother ----- !!!!"
Wuthrich apologized for the fiery email late Tuesday afternoon.
"Last Saturday, I was woken from a nap and reacted with inappropriate anger just because of the interruption of my rest," Wuthrich said in a statement. "Since then I have regretted the cruelty and language of that email. My words were rude and unprofessional."
“I personally apologize to the Salt Lake City Councilor Darin Mano and his family. I have never harmed Mr. Mano, his family, or anyone associated with him. No parent, spouse, or child should be exposed to such emotional outbursts. I am deeply sorry, ”he said.
Mano, who was vacated by Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall in January 2020, will vote for the first time in November. While accepting the apology, Mano said Wuthrich had not yet contacted him or his team about the email.
"It was an inappropriate response, particularly from an officer," he said.
When asked whether he had contacted Mano personally, Wuthrich did not answer immediately.
Mano said he felt obliged to share the email publicly because of the increase in hate crimes against Asian American communities across the country.
In a Facebook post, Mano wrote: "As an Asian-American and a member of the LGBTQ + community, I have to stand up against hate speech and shout out to them when I see them."
Mano admitted the email did not identify or seek to identify himself, but said it "felt personal" because Wuthrich mentioned his family, which was shown on the flyer left with the prosecutor. In the photos of the flyer, the council member said he was colored and in photos with his partner and four children.
In it Mano and his partner Kevin Randall. (Brian Borup)
In his first email, Wuthrich said he had an "unwanted request" sign on his door. Mano said he saw the sign but made it clear that "advertising and campaign are not the same".
"Our legal understanding is that the election campaign is protected by the First Amendment - which is why we were particularly shocked because you might think that the assistant attorney general knows the difference," he said.
In his statement, Wuthrich Mano sent his best wishes.
"I'm taking steps to review my response and find ways to make sure this never happens again," he said.
Mano added that he has no bitter feelings towards the prosecutor and that he hopes he can learn from the experience.
"The best possible outcome is for everyone who hears this story to remember that we must treat one another with kindness and respect, regardless of our identity," he said.

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