Die Hard director confirms film is a Christmas movie inspired by... It's A Wonderful Life?!

The fact that Die Hard is a Christmas movie is no longer really an issue (dammit, The AV Club even sells sweatshirts about it), but that doesn't make director John McTiernan an interview with the American Film Institute about How Die Hard Got One Christmas film “less worthwhile.
During the 12-minute clip, McTiernan reveals an unexpected inspiration for his shoot-em-up action film: the 1946 Christmas classic, It's A Wonderful Life. "Especially the Pottersville sequence," says McTiernan in an interview. “What if the wicked banker in the community can do what he wants without George getting in his way to stop it. And it's the clearest demonstration and criticism of runaway, unregulated cowboy capitalism that has ever been made in an American film. "
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Unlike Jimmy Stewart's George Bailey, of course, Bruce Willis's John McClane has a weapon that will help him deal with the evil banker in his life. But McTiernan says he always made it clear to producer Joel Silver how to do McClane in the George Bailey image: “I said, 'Okay, if you want me to do this terror film, I want to do it where it is The hero in the first scene is. When the limousine driver apologizes for never having been in a limousine, the hero says, “It's okay. I have never driven in a limousine before. "" A hero of the working class. "
Although inspired by It's A Wonderful Life, McTiernan admits (clearly lying) that "We didn't intend to be [Die Hard] a Christmas movie. But the joy that came from it made it a Christmas movie. And that is really the best I can tell you about it. "
Is it strange that this story inspired us to see Saturday Night Live's Dana Carvey as George Bailey instead of moving us to watch Die Hard?
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