Dillon Brooks: Grizzlies coming for 'old' Warriors after losing Game 6

Brooks: Grizzlies, coming for "old" Warriors next season, originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea
The Warriors are a talented bunch with a mix of rising stars and of course their seasoned core of seasoned veterans.
That wisdom of the NBA playoffs helped Golden State into the Western Conference Finals Friday night in the second round at the Chase Center with a narrow 110-96 win over the Memphis Grizzlies, but Dillon Brooks had a different name for it after the game.
"We're young and they're getting old," the Memphis forward told reporters. "You know we come every year."
The Warriors' starting lineup in Game 6 had an average age of 30.2, while the Grizzlies' lineup averaged five years younger at 25. However, the benefit of this age difference was evident in the box score.
But along with Klay Thompson, Brooks, 26, tied the game high with 30 points on Friday - a complete reversal of his performances in Games 4 and 5 after serving a suspension in Game 3 for flagrant dening Gary Payton II Broken elbow had 2 fouls in Game 2.
Despite Brooks being the focus of numerous investigations and roaring boos from Dub Nation for the game in which Payton was injured, Brooks chalked it up with Warriors players on the field after Friday's game, saying there was "100 percent" mutual respect between the players two teams after the semifinals of the Western Conference.
He also complimented Game 6 Klay and Steph Curry, who together scored 59 points in Game 6 at their "old" ages.
"That's how I play. I'm playing for respect," Brooks said. "I play for my colleagues to respect me. Learning to play well against the two best shooters in history is a good motivation and to compete against them is an incredible feeling.”
The Warriors got revenge on the Grizzlies this year after Memphis ended their 2020-21 season by defeating them in the play-in tournament.
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Now Brooks looks forward to the continued rivalry, regardless of the age of his opponents.
"It's great for us and we're going to do that all summer and [be] ready to do it again," he said.
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