Dinesh D’Souza’s Big Lie Doc ‘2000 Mules’ Grosses $751,000 in Cinemark-Supported Limited Release

Following the release of his election conspiracy documentary 2000 Mules as an on-demand digital film, far-right filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza transitioned to a theatrical release this weekend in 411 locations - including support for national cinema chain Cinemark - and grossed $751,755 Dollar.

2000 Miles was first released on video-streaming platform Rumble two weeks ago with little mainstream marketing, as even Fox News and Newsmax refused to promote the film amid their own legal woes for promoting election conspiracy theories. While D'Souza's distribution company has provided little data on the film's on-demand performance, a press release said the film grossed over $1 million in the first 12 hours available on Rumble , a result D'Souza said prompted the cinema to release this weekend.

"With the success of the movie, everyone was talking about the movie, a lot of independent theaters started calling us, 'Hey, why didn't we have this movie in theaters?'" D'Souza said in an announcement from the release.
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While many of the 411 theaters that showed 2000 Mules were independently owned theaters, a sizable portion came from the national theater chain, Cinemark. Judd Legum, an independent journalist and former Hillary Clinton campaign staffer, reported that the film was shown at at least 169 Cinemark locations this weekend. TheWrap has reached out to Cinemark for comment.

Though the film's on-demand availability likely dampened its box office numbers, its performance is significantly lower than recent D'Souza films, which have opened for well over $2 million and in a much wider release.

His 2018 pro-Trump documentary Death of a Nation opened in 1,005 theaters for $2.3 million and an average of $2,345 per theater compared to $1,811 for 2000 Mules “. Prior to that, his 2016 document Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party attacking Hillary Clinton opened for nearly $4 million in 1,216 theaters, averaging $3,260. That film also cracked the top 10 on the box office in mid-July, which "2000 Mules" failed to do in a cinema market still struggling to recover from the pandemic.
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2000 Mules was championed as "the greatest, most impactful documentary of our time" by Trump via his Truth Social app after it premiered at his Mar-a-Lago compound, and the film is among the former president's most steadfast become increasingly popular supporters.

However, the film's conspiracy theory that the 2020 election was stolen by Trump has been questioned by multiple news sources, including The Associated Press and National Public Radio, which refute D'Souza's claims that he used GPS tracking to find evidence of find voter fraud. D'Souza has attacked the fact-checking articles on Twitter and on his podcast, claiming his evidence "cannot be refuted."
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