Disney bucks convention, makes movie out of one of its good rides for once

We as a society have to accept that we probably messed up Disney a little bit when we all went mad with the first few Pirates Of The Caribbean films. Yes, Gore Verbinski's hyperactive approach to action directing was fun, yes, Orlando Bloom and Kiera Knightley brought in protagonists, and yes, Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow once felt fresh and exciting rather than the living spirit of the unfortunate Halloween Choices Past . Still, the idea that Disney could do its oldest, shitty rides at theme parks, adapt them for the movie, and then milk them for literally billions, has made some very strange choices in the last few years, from the extremely shrugging Haunted Mansion movie to to the upcoming Jungle Cruise to learn today that the company is pushing a Space Mountain movie.
To be fair, Space Mountain The Ride has one big advantage over Pirates, Jungle Cruise, and to a lesser extent the Mansion: it doesn't quite sap. (In fact, 45 years after its debut, it's still a great roller coaster ride, at least if indoor rides are your taste.) Even so, it's not like the ride has a plot: you get in the car, you go into space when you short thinking about what it feels like to freeze to death while choking on your own lungs in a vacuum, you will come back to safety. Providing this plot will apparently be the job of writer Joby Harold, whose previous credits include King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword and Zack Snyder's Coming Army of the Dead, but who is most notable right now if he's the guy doing this Obi-Wan puts together Star Wars series from Kenobi for Disney +.
It's also worth noting that this isn't the first time Disney has brought up the idea of ​​a Space Mountain movie. Max Landis apparently wrote a script a few years ago that sounded like rumors like it was cutting up a lot of the Event Horizon notes of all the films - a startlingly bizarre decision that is still only considered the 20 or 30 most terrible or qualified unfortunate thing that Max Landis is said to have done.
[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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