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(WTVO) - Medical researchers believe they have finally found the cause of Bruce Lee's mysterious death nearly 50 years ago.
A global phenomenon, Lee was awaiting the release of his first major Hollywood film, Enter the Dragon, when he died of cerebral edema, or brain swelling, in 1973.
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Lee was known as one of the fittest people in the world, with a low body fat to muscle ratio, so his death took the world by surprise.
Ahead of the release of Enter the Dragon, Lee had arranged to have lunch with James Bond actor George Lazenby to discuss an upcoming project. During lunch he complained of a headache and retired to his hotel room, took painkillers and was later found dead.
Cerebral edema was determined to be the cause. At the time, doctors believed that a reaction to a painkiller might have been to blame.
Now, nearly 50 years later, as reported by the Clinical Kidney Journal, researchers believe excessive drinking of water and a previous kidney injury caused his death.
"Ironically, Lee made the quote 'Be water my friend' famous, but excess water seems to have ultimately killed him," the researchers wrote.
Doctors suspect hyponatremia, a low level of sodium in the blood that can be caused by too much water in the body, may have been the real cause of death.
The researchers argue that Lee was at risk for hyponatremia due to his high fluid intake, use of marijuana or consumption of prescription drugs or alcohol, and a history of kidney injury.
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"We propose that the kidney's inability to eliminate excess water killed Bruce Lee," the researchers wrote.
Lee's death shocked the world, prompting rumors that he was killed by Triad gangsters, a jealous lover, or a curse.
"In conclusion, we hypothesize that Bruce Lee died from a specific form of renal dysfunction: the inability to excrete enough water to maintain water homeostasis, which is primarily a tubular function," the researchers wrote. "This can result in hyponatremia, cerebral edema, and death within hours if excessive water intake is not matched by urinary water excretion, consistent with the timing of Lee's death."
Lee was survived by his wife Linda Lee-Caldwell, daughter Shannon and son Brandon. Brandon Lee was killed on the set of The Crow in 1993 when an improperly cleaned prop gun fired a projectile into his abdomen.
According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms of hyponatremia can range from nausea/vomiting, headache, fatigue, and muscle weakness. More serious symptoms include seizures and coma.
If you think you may be suffering from hyponatremia, it is recommended that you see a doctor.
Those at increased risk for the condition (due to age, medications, etc.) should consult with their doctor about possible preventative measures, which may include balancing water intake and water loss for balanced hydration. Additionally, doctors may recommend drinking electrolyte sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade instead of water to help replenish energy during high-intensity activities.
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