Dodge Challenger Crabbing On The Highway

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Oh that's not good…
If you have serious damage to a car, your best bet is to call a tow truck and get a professional to repair it. Sometimes people risk driving the vehicle themselves, although we don't recommend it. In the video posted on Instagram by americanmusclehd, a modern day Dodge Challenger was brought onto the highway despite chasing crabs or dogs chasing something violent.
If we just watch the video, the pain makes us wince. It's about as bad as it was when I saw a woman in a Mustang (with California plates) trying to climb a steep mountain pass in a blizzard by pressing the gas pedal all the way down. Their rear tires smoked as they spun uselessly on the icy road and their pony car was going nowhere.
At least that Dodge Challenger moves, but should it be? We're taking a shot in the dark here by suspecting frame damage is likely the cause, although it could also be something pretty serious. Driving a car with such a problem at any speed, but especially above 90 km / h, is just one big problem.
This video was taken in the Atlanta area. We won't judge all Georgians by this, but what's in those peaches these days?
The problem of crabbing cars or chasing dogs is certainly not new if you've never seen it before. A quick Google search will bring up all kinds of videos and photos showing Ford Explorers, Chevy Silverados, and other vehicles that look like they're going sideways. For vehicles with an active rear axle, it can be a thrust angle.
The modern Dodge Challenger, however, has five-link rear suspension. So we suspect this muscle car has some pretty serious frame damage. It could be an alignment problem, a really bad alignment problem. How could the driver fail to notice that something was wrong?
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