Dodge Challenger Mysteriously Stolen From Dealership

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The local news is completely baffled by this raid ...
In the early hours of October 31st, a blue Dodge Challenger was stolen from a small dealership in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This may not sound shocking at all, especially since we've covered some pretty high-profile dealer robberies in the past, but this one comes with a secret that confuses the local news. After all, the thief was able to start the Mopar muscle car without first getting the keys from the dealership.
See how a Dodge Hellcat was stolen in minutes.
That's right, the surveillance video shows the lone car thief simply breaking out the Dodge's passenger window, getting in, and then starting the engine in just 14 seconds. Dealer clerk Bryan White was interviewed by the local news in what seems completely baffled that the guy didn't need keys to start the car and he stated that he believed the guy had a signal transmitter with him.
Thieves use these transmitters or signal amplifiers to capture the radio signal from the key fob and transmit it to the car, thereby tricking the vehicle into thinking that the keys are right there. That would allow someone to start the engine without getting the keys, and it's quick. However, it would also allow the thief to simply open the door. So why did he break the window first?
There is no way the guy can program a new key for the car in just 14 seconds. We saw thieves do this in a few minutes, but it was too fast for that.
Interestingly, the thief tried to steal a Dodge Charger Hellcat before settling on the Challenger. He smashed the other Mopar's window but didn't seem able to get the thing going. According to White, the keys to this car weren't in the dealership's office at the time, so he likely couldn't intercept the signal to start the engine.
Chances are that White is right and the thief was using a transmitter, which doesn't explain why he decided to break the windows. The good news is that there is a pretty simple solution to the problem. Signal blocking material, sold in rolls at many online stores, allows you to turn any enclosure into a Faraday cage so that the retailer could do this with their key storage box. Actually, all dealers should do the same thing, as we've seen thieves use this trick to steal cars.
Source: CBS 17
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