Dodge Charger Repossession Goes Horribly Wrong

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Sometimes you just have to let it go ...
Repossession of your car is not a fun situation, but it is usually avoidable. However you got into this financial predicament, the worst you can do is fight the repo guy for the vehicle, a lesson a Dodge Charger owner learned the hard way.
See a Dodge Challenger crab here on the highway.
In the video provided, you can see a white Dodge Charger attached to the boom of a repo truck that is several meters in the air. The rear tires of the Mopar are on the boom, the front tires on the sidewalk. When the video starts, the "owner" of the vehicle is already inside and has started the engine. This person steps on the accelerator pedal and spins the front and rear wheels seemingly useless to get the car back.
It seems useless, but after damaging the rear bumper and plastic paneling of the chassis, the Dodge Charger is still hanging from the boom. In other words, it seems useless. The video doesn't last long so we don't know how this situation ended, but I suspect the mopar never drove away.
The license plate is hidden, but it appears to be a Florida license plate. It is safe to assume that this happened in Florida, but these types of scenes play out in cities across the country, especially when financial times are tight. As inflation flares up and not only goes away, but potentially gets much worse, we may see more videos like this one.
Funnily enough, this video lets people know about the features available for a Dodge Charger. Since you can clearly see the front wheels spinning, some are learning for the first time that all-wheel drive is optional on some models. It's worth noting that towing a car with drive wheels on the sidewalk can damage the powertrain. I'm not a lawyer so I'm not going to weigh who is legally on the hook for such a mess, but I suspect the repo guy didn't know this was a 4WD charger.
My advice with Repos is this: stop spending your money on Disneyland vacations, daily lattes at the local coffee stall, eat out at Noodles & Company regularly, shop at the mall, etc. and cover your necessities first. If you still can't pay for the basic equipment, you may want to drive something older and paid for. Having to deal with repossession is the worst, but it is usually preventable.
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