Dodge Hellcat Flips Chevy Silverado In Colorado

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It's Mopar versus GM and only one will win ...
In a split second, a Dodge Challenger Hellcat leaving a Cars & Coffee event in Loveland, Colorado, crashed and dropped a new Chevrolet Silverado on its roof. This kind of thing just happens over and over again at car meetings. While the joke used to be that it was always a Ford Mustang, most of the time it seems to be a Mopar, whether a Dodge Charger or a Challenger, and it's not a good look for the auto enthusiast hobby.
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For a brief moment after the wreck, everyone was pretty much just standing on the sidewalks or maybe something outside on the street. Some were still filming the crash and others seemed frozen in shock. Then several people flocked over to see if anyone was injured, although some were just closing in for cool footage to upload.
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Funnily enough, not many people were ready to check on the Hellcat driver. We understand why, but what if there is a chance the guy was having a medical emergency and crashed as a result? It's not likely, but you just never know.
From a video captured of the driveway the Hellcat exits, you can see that the Ford Fiesta definitely showed up on the Silverado in a rush. We're not sure what the speed limit is on the road, but if the truck were driving at or near the limit it would mean the Ford hatchback is accelerating.
Photo credit: YouTube
While we doubt it, the Hellcat driver might make the argument to avoid the frenzied Fiesta, but we think he was just trying to look cool to the crowd. The Ford driver didn't stop there, but turned around the accident and started. We're not saying it was the Ford's fault, just noticing that no one is talking about its close involvement in the accident. It's definitely worth noting that the police have already cited the Hellcat driver for reckless driving, but keep in mind that our system presumes innocence until proven guilty.
It looks like the Hellcat is adding up, and it's likely the Silverado too. A local report said a person was rushed to hospital with minor injuries. With all of the footage captured of the crash, insurance companies will have a fun time getting things done.
Photo credit: YouTube
See the videos for yourself (warning: strong language in some of them).
Source: Loveland Reporter-Herald
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