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Who is Dodi Al Fayed's ex-girlfriend Kelly Fisher?Steve Parsons - PA Images - Getty Images

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The fifth season of The Crown introduces viewers to Dodi Al Fayed, who tragically died alongside Diana, Princess of Wales in 1997.
However, it's unclear how serious the two were: Princess Diana had just broken up with Hasnat Khan, a British-Pakistani heart surgeon whom she reportedly called the "love of her life". Also, Fayed was previously linked to California model Kelly Fisher, and Fisher said the two were engaged when he first started courting Diana.
Here's everything you need to know about Kelly Fisher, portrayed by actress Erin Richards on The Crown.
She was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky.
"I lived in Kentucky until I was about eight years old," she told Aiken Women in 2014. "Because of my father's work as a vice president of an international company, we had to move a lot." While she was in Toronto at the age of 16 , Ontario, she began modeling. Soon she was working for Armani, Calvin Klein and more.
Kelly began dating Dodi Al Fayed in 1996.
The two met in Paris in July 1996. Kelly said they were reportedly engaged when Fayed started dating Princess Diana. In 2008, transcripts of telephone conversations between Fisher and Fayed were released by the Royal Courts of Justice. "I don't understand how one day we're in love - and then -" Fisher said to Fayed. "You're fucking crazy," she said elsewhere. "We were together all the time. And you knew it.”
Kelly Fisher and her attorney Gloria Allred show off the large sapphire and diamond ring given to her by Dodi al-Fayed. KIM KULISH- Getty Images
In early August 1997, Fisher, represented by attorney Gloria Allred, filed a lawsuit against Fayed, claiming that they were to be married on August 9 and that they had a contractual agreement.
According to the Los Angeles Times, "The lawsuit alleges that Fayed, whose father owns Harrods department store in London and the Ritz Hotel in Paris, offered Fisher $500,000 to curtail her modeling career in America and move to Paris so she could have more time Fayed told her his family was embarrassed that his fiancee was working, the lawsuit alleges. The lawsuit sought the remaining $440,000.
"Mr. Fayed must take responsibility for the woman he 'left at the altar' and treated with such utter disrespect," Allred said at the press conference. "He threw her love away in a callous way, with no regard for her ."
Her mother, Judith Dunaway, was at the press conference and told reporters: "No one's daughter deserves to be treated the way my daughter does. Kelly loved him, trusted him and was treated very cruelly by him. Dodi Fayed should be ashamed." Dunaway also said she gave Fayed her blessing to marry her daughter in November 1996.
At the time, Fayed admitted to knowing her but said they were never engaged.
After the tragic deaths of Fayed and Princess Diana, Fisher dropped her lawsuit. "Out of respect for the tragedy and the tremendous loss the Fayed family has suffered, they have authorized me as their attorney to dismiss their lawsuit against Mr. Fayed. Although she has the legal right to pursue suit against his estate after his death, she has voluntarily chosen not to exercise that right," Allred said on September 1, 1997.
During the 2008 inquest into her death, Fisher testified. "It's just kind of humiliating to sit here and try to prove to people that someone wanted to marry you, you know," she said. She also shared the tape of the call she had with Fayed in mid-August 1997.
She married Russian pilot Mikhail Movshina.
Fisher and Movshina met in 2007 while on safari in Central Africa. They lived in Paris and the French Alps before settling in Aiken, South Carolina. They have one daughter, Alexandra, who was born in 2011.
"Having traveled so much, it's important to be close to family," Fisher told Aiken Women. "In 2005 my parents moved back here [to Aiken] because of the nice weather and great golf. I had visited them often at Woodside Plantation and loved the small town charm of Aiken. In 2008 I bought a house here as a vacation home. After that Als When we found out I was pregnant in 2010, we decided to move here."
In 2017, Movshina, the owner of Vertical Flight Consulting, took part in a helicopter trip around the world. "I fly everywhere - Russia, Europe, Africa, China," he told the Associated Press.
In 2022, Kelly still resides in Aiken with her daughter.
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Dodi Fayed
Egyptian film producer and partner of Princess Diana
Kelly Fischer
English billiards and snooker player
Diana, Princess of Wales
member of the British royal family; first wife of Prince Charles (1961–1997)
Gloria Alled

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