Dog chaperones 5-year-old girl to and from the school bus stop every day

It's always nice to have a fluffy supervisor, especially if you're 5 years old.
A little girl from Xinyang, China, is picked up from the school bus stop by her dog every day. In a video of the routine uploaded to Newsflare, the little dog is waiting at the end of a yellow bus step for the little girl to get out of school after returning. The dog wags its tail excitedly until the two are reunited.
In the second part of the video, the dog sends the 5-year-old off. The dog stands a few meters in front of the girl and waits for the bus to turn the corner. It's almost like protecting her when she's on the sidewalk - and protecting her from the potentially dangerous road. When the girl gets on the bus, the dog watches her get on board safely and his gaze lingers as the vehicle drives away.
Dogs have an intense and instinctive understanding of who their family is. That is why they often protect the smallest of their families and even tolerate children who nudge and nudge if they did not come from other dogs or adults. Dogs know that young children are endangered members of their pack.
Most dogs are very aware of social hierarchies, whether with their type or with people. They know that the person who feeds them is the head of the house and that those who are connected to the leader are also connected to them. This makes guarding and protecting their loved ones an unshakable property. No wonder dogs are known for their loyalty. They are burned into their DNA.
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