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What an absolute angel!
Dogs are wonderful for many reasons, and one of those reasons is that they are natural helpers and workers. Many different dogs have historically been bred to perform specific tasks, and today our pups are happy to help out with whatever their canine brains can think of. An example of this was shown to us by a woman with her dog in a viral video.
TikTok user @anyathegsd recently shared a video of her German shepherd Anya helping with the housework. In the video, this pup is helping his mother with the laundry and that is absolutely precious! Watch the video to see how Anya is the perfect assistant.
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OMG, Anya is such a sweet girl! We love that she taught herself how to do laundry so she could help her mom around the house. Dogs are so smart!
People in the comments can't believe how cute and pretty Anya is. @kels_dreamer said: "This has to be one of the cutest things I've seen today. Those beautiful eyes, their support and wanting to be around you... so beautiful." Another user, @taylor_762, commented, "You can see the love in her soulful eyes. She's beautiful.” Anya is absolutely perfect!
Others joked by comparing their own dogs to Anya. @elleaz09 commented: "I sent this to my dog. She rolled her eyes and blocked my number," and @wendyrboo said, "Can she please teach my dogs to do this?" LOL we wish our dogs would help like that, but we love them anyway!
Anya's mother is lucky to have such an amazing and sweet helper. We would be much more interested in completing our tasks if she were by our side!
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