Dog missing 44 days in ‘frigid temps’ rescued from grain silo, Michigan shelter says

The story of Milo, a lost Michigan Springer Spaniel, ended 44 days this weekend after disappearing in the northern cold.
A dog had been barking for days when someone called animal control officers at the Kent County animal shelter in Sand Lake on Sunday, the rescue said in a Facebook post.
The caller had investigated and determined that a dog might be stuck in or around an old grain elevator.
When the officers arrived, they met with two "caring citizens" who had found the dog stranded 10 feet deep in the bunker silo. The smooth walls made it impossible for the puppy to climb out.
The officers and residents - one of whom was previously an animal control officer - devised a plan to save the dog. They dropped a long rope into the silo, then looped it around the puppy and pulled him to safety, the shelter said.
The officers contacted Lost Paws, an animal rescue outfit, to find the dog's owner.
Lost Paws discovered the puppy looked very much like one in a lost dog from a neighboring town - a post 44 days earlier on Jan. 8.
The group contacted the owners who posted the post, and sure the dog rescued from the silo was their pooch, Milo.
Milo was last spotted in early February but not seen two weeks before he was rescued.
The shelter said the details of Milo's trip will always remain a mystery, but the puppy "survived cold temperatures, blizzards, hunger and dehydration".
Milo lost 33 pounds in the 44 days he was missing and traveled nearly 20 miles, according to the shelter.
But the team says Milo seemed to remember his owners immediately when they were reunited.
"Many tears were shed by everyone," said the shelter, adding: "What he and his owners have never lost was hope. And hope has finally united them again."
Sand Lake is approximately 25 miles north of Grand Rapids.
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