Doggface208's Attorney Takes Action Over Company Using TikTok Star's Likeness to Sell T-Shirts

With the increasingly ubiquitous resemblance of youngest TikTok star Nathan Apodaca, a.k.a. Doggface208 to make money and he didn't.
Australia-based Culture Kings sold a T-shirt titled "Dreams Vintage" for $ 36.95, which features an image of Apodaca's face clearly related to "Dreams". Attorney Jeffrey R. Klein of Fisher & Wolfe LLP posted an acceptance notice on Monday, according to an exclusive TMZ review, stating that Apodaca owns the rights to the photo. Klein goes on to argue that Culture Kings "has no right" to make money from the painting and faces full-blown lawsuits if the shirt is not pulled out of the store.
At the time of this writing, the t-shirt didn't appear to be on the Culture Kings website yet, although a screenshot can be seen below via TMZ:
Image via YouTube
Last week it was reported that Doggface208's official line of self-designed merch (available through UpMerch) had made more than $ 30,000 in profit in just over five days. The UpMerch site, meanwhile, reported a 96 percent increase in new customers after the Doggface items were dropped. Initially, Apodaca had tried to handle all merch sales itself, though those efforts proved unsustainable when its TikTok clip with the Fleetwood Mac soundtrack went astronomical.
Over the weekend, Apodaca helped usher in the holiday season with a family-sponsored clip on "It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas".
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