DOJ says Durham’s report should ‘permit public dissemination’

Special Counsel John Durham's report on Trump-Russia investigators should be presented in such a way that it can be made available to the public upon completion, the Justice Department said.
Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin urged Attorney General Merrick Garland for answers on Durham's investigation. Although the Biden Justice Department did not fully answer Republicans' questions about Susan Hennessey, an appointee with the Department of Justice's National Security Division who they said showed "bias" against Durham, there was some clarity about his thoughts on Durham's impending deal Report.
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Assistant Assistant Attorney General Joe Gaeta said in a letter to Johnson and Grassley that "as the special investigator's investigation continues, we cannot comment on the investigation or when it was closed."
Gaeta also referred to Barr's October 2020 special order stating that Durham “in addition to the confidential report” submits to the DOJ, “the special investigator, as much as possible and in accordance with the laws and policies and practices of the Department of Justice, to the Attorney General a final report and interim reports it deems appropriate in a form that enables public dissemination. "
The Biden Justice Department official confirmed, "The Department agrees with this statement."
Barr tacitly appointed Durham as a special investigator in October after appointing him in May 2019. Garland declined to promise that he would protect Durham's investigation or publish his report during his confirmation hearing.
In February, President Joe Biden urged all Senate-approved US attorneys to resign. Durham has been asked to resign as a U.S. Connecticut attorney but remain as a special investigator. A DOJ official also said US Attorney David Weiss of Delaware was an exception as the then acting Attorney General Monty Wilkinson asked him to stay with the investigation into Hunter Biden.
Hennessey, a former NSA attorney, was selected for a key role with the DOJ in May. The former CNN employee and editor of the Lawfare blog has a story in defense of the Trump-Russia investigation and had criticized Durham's investigation.
Grassley and Johnson said they wanted answers from the DOJ because Hennessey "has repeatedly and publicly made partisan comments on past and current investigations, including the Justice Department inspector general's review of the crossfire hurricane and the ongoing investigation by Special Counsel John Durham," the concerns have expressed that she has come into conflict and "should be excluded from such investigations."
In December 2020, Senators said Hennessey had “expressed a clear partisan bias” when she tweeted, “Durham made it very clear that he hadn't come up with anything in a year and a half. I think this kind of partisan stupidity has become characteristic of Barr's legacy, but I don't see why Durham wanted to go along. "
Grassley and Johnson said Hennessey's "bias towards Durham's investigation is a clear conflict that makes it impossible for her to be objective."
Johnson and Grassley asked Garland to let them know if Hennessey was involved in Durham's investigation, if she had access to any aspect of Durham's work, and if she would be turned away.
Gaeta did not directly answer Grassley and Johnson's questions about whether Hennessey would withdraw from the Durham affair.
Durham's criminal investigation has revealed an admission of guilt. Former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith admitted falsifying a document when the bureau tried to renew its FISA arrest warrant for former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.
The investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded that Russia had "intervened comprehensively and systematically" but had "failed to establish that members of the Trump campaign had conspired or coordinated with the Russian government".
DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz criticized the DOJ and the FBI for 17 "significant errors and omissions" in connection with the FISA arrest warrants for concealing potentially exculpatory information and the bureau's reliance on the discredited dossier of British ex-spy Christopher Steele.
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