Dollar General launches new discount chain to bring in wealthier customers

Dollar General launches a new discount chain for wealthier suburban buyers.
The company's latest concept, Popshelf, is aimed at customers who want to spend more money and promises customers an affordable, “stress-free shopping experience” with most items under $ 5, the discounter announced on Thursday.
"We are pleased to introduce Popshelf from a position of strength, further highlighting our spirit of innovation, and building on our proven track record of in-store innovation," said Todd Vasos, CEO of Dollar General, in a statement. "We have used solid customer insights to create a unique business that we believe will resonate with new customers and give Dollar General even more growth opportunities in the years to come."
The first Popshelf stores will open this month in Nashville, Tennessee, offering trending items such as home decor, party favors, health and beauty purchases, and other non-consumables. Each 9,000 square meter store will also feature a variety of Dollar General private labels, as well as limited time items that are frequently exchanged so shoppers can find something new to return to, Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer of Dollar General Emily Taylor told CNBC.
Dollar General's new discount chain, Popshelf, caters to customers who can spend more money on nonessential items like party favors and seasonal home decor.
The company hopes to have 30 locations in different markets by 2021.
The Tennessee-based chain traditionally caters to customers on a budget in areas too rural to attract retail giants like Walmart. While affordability is still the goal, new popshelf stores will keep an eye on female shoppers and open in suburban communities where annual household incomes are between $ 50,000 and $ 125,000, according to the press release.
It is estimated that the primary consumers of Dollar General are families making less than $ 40,000 a year, the US reported TODAY.

Dollar General operates more than 16,000 stores in the United States.

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