Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' $13 million pledge to fight racism is great, but it doesn't erase Trump support

Stephen Ross, the owner of Miami Dolphins, pledges $ 13 million to fight racism through his RISE foundation, which is a lot of money for an important cause.
It is also a reminder of how Dolphins recipient Kenny Stills pointed out that Ross' public stance on racial justice was unrelated to the way he did a $ 250,000 fundraiser for President Donald Trump last year per plate. Stills made these comments last year and was traded shortly afterwards.
According to the Associated Press, Ross RISE, the Ross Equality Sport Initiative, has made a total of $ 30 million available. But as Jacksonville Jaguar owner Shad Khan speaks about racism despite defending Trump's economic policies, Ross's relationship with the president is not easily forgotten.
Stephen Ross tries to "play both sides" again?
On Friday, Stills retweeted a message from journalist Jemele Hill about Ross indicating his hypocrisy.
Jemele Hill

Stephen Ross held a $ 250,000 donation per plate fundraiser for Donald Trump to support the same systemic racism that he claims to be fighting
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Stephen Ross, the owner of Dolphins, is earmarking $ 13 million for RISE, its nonprofit to fight systemic racism, over the next four years. It has increased its total exposure to $ 30 million since 2015.

Ross: "Our mission and the need for this work are now more clear than ever."
7:06 p.m. - June 26, 2020
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Last August, before Ross' Dolphins Stills acted, the recipient told Yahoo Sports: "He thought he could play both sides and I thought he couldn't." Ross defended the fundraiser by saying he has known Trump for 40 years and "while we agree on some points, we disagree on many others."
Ross has a lot of money and his RISE foundation is probably doing some good things with it, but it is difficult to take his comments on the fight against racism seriously when he supports Trump, whose presidency is filled with moments that have been widely criticized as harmful Minorities.
Stills, who began to kneel during the national anthem to draw attention to racial injustices when Colin Kaepernick led the movement, had the courage to call his boss. A month later, he was sent to the Houston Texans.
Stephen M. Ross, the owner of dolphins, gave his charitable foundation $ 13 million to fight racism. (Photo by Gary Hershorn / Getty Images)
Ross' words about racism do not match all of his actions
If you didn't know that Ross raised millions for Trump last summer at the fundraiser at his home in The Hamptons, his words against racism seem to be positive.
"When I grew up in Detroit, I saw firsthand what racism did to tear our community apart, destroy lives, and create further inequality," Ross said in a statement about the AP. “I started RISE with the belief that our nation must tackle the scourge of racism directly to achieve true unity. Our mission and the need for this work are more clear than ever. "
Combating the "scourge of racism" should be more than just throwing money at his foundation. Like Khan, Ross has to decide whether maximizing his real estate business is worth making political decisions that contradict his comments on combating racism. Still was right; Ross cannot play both sides on this issue.
Ross can support who he wants for the president. That is his right. Trump's support, however, cuts off most of his efforts to fight injustice, no matter how much of his fortune he donates, as long as fighting racism is not as important as making more money with real estate.

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