Dolphins turned to Tua Tagovailoa and he might lead them to playoffs. They face Raiders on Yahoo Sports app

The decision to start with the fifth selection of the design has likely been scrutinized more closely than it deserves.
When Brian Flores announced earlier this season that the Miami Dolphins quarterbacks were moving from Ryan Fitzpatrick to Tua Tagovailoa, it was far from an easily accepted decision. People wondered how the Dolphins could bring Fitzpatrick to the bank, especially if the Dolphins win two games and hold a 3-3 record.
It turned out pretty good. The Dolphins took a 5-2 lead in Tagovailoa's starts and are in seventh and final place in the AFC playoffs as they prepare to take on the Las Vegas Raiders on Saturday, a game played through Yahoo Sports App can be streamed live.
Tagovailoa wasn't perfect, but he did show why the Dolphins trusted him when he took the reins at the quarterback.
Tua Tagovailoa played well
The dolphins' decision to go to Tagovailoa has been questioned in part because the legend of Fitzpatrick has grown. He's a fun player to put down roots for. It can get hot for stretches. But he's still a limited 38 year old journeyman. The uproar over his bank was a bit strange.
Still, Flores would have heard of it if the Dolphins had fallen out of the playoff picture and a rookie quarterback made mistakes, no matter how talented he is. Tagovailoa made Flores look smart.
Tagovailoa completed 63.8 percent of his passes with nine touchdowns and two interceptions. It has a respectable passerby rating of 92.5. He's also rushed three touchdowns. He didn't come up with big numbers, but that's in part because of all of the skill position violations around him. No matter what the circumstances, Tagovailoa is having a good rookie season.
Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert posted better numbers than newbies before his injury. But Tagovailoa is the one who has the chance to play in the postseason.
Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, 1, has nine touchdown passes and three touchdown runs this season. (AP Photo / Chris O'Meara)
Dolphins in line for a playoff spot
The dolphins are fighting hard for a place on the wildcard. A good AFC team can't do it.
The Dolphins have a few ways to reach the playoffs, but the best way is to win their last two games. The Dolphins have two more wins no matter what happens to any other competitor. The Raiders are technically alive, but hardly. Her faint in the second half cost her a potential playoff spot. This also makes the dolphins' task a little easier on Saturday.
There are still questions about Tagovailoa. Herbert played so well that the Dolphins always wonder if they should have picked him instead of Tagovailoa with the fifth choice. Tagovailoa has been good, but there isn't enough track record to know if he's the quarterback Miami has been looking for since Dan Marino retired.
Tagovailoa has the chance to make its rookie season a successful one with a strong finish and a playoff spot. Whatever the outcome, it's fair to say that Flores took the right step in reaching out to his talented rookie.
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