Dominic Raab: I only take the knee for the Queen or my wife

Dominic Raab said he would only take the knee for two people - the queen and "the woman" when he suggested.
The Secretary of State was asked about his views on footballers who chose Black Lives Matter when the Premier League restarted, and announced his views on the gesture that has become a symbol of support for the anti-racism movement.
On Wednesday evening, Aston Villa, Sheffield United, Manchester City and Arsenal players, as well as officials and staff in the back room, kneed at the start of their games when the football season resumed.

When asked if he would take a knee to support Black Lives Matter, Secretary of State Dominic Raab said, "I take the knee for two people, the queen and the woman, when I asked her to marry me." Listen live ►
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11:00 a.m. - June 18, 2020
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Raab said: “I understand the feeling of frustration and unrest that drives the movement of the Black Lives Matter.
"I have to say that I have to take my knee - which I don't know, maybe it has a broader story but seems to come from Game of Thrones - it feels more like a symbol of submission and submission to me than one of liberation and emancipation.
"But I understand that people think differently about it, so it's a matter of personal choice."
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He continued, "I take the knee for two people - the queen and the woman when I asked her to marry me."
He added, "By the way, she denies that ... I'm sure I did, but we obviously had too much champagne at the time, but I'm sure I did."
Dominic Raab's comments come when footballers took their knees in support of the Black Lives Matter movement before their Premier League games. (Getty Images)
When he became angry and ridiculed for his comments on the knee injury, the Secretary of State later tweeted: “To put it bluntly, I have full respect for the Black Lives Matter movement and the issues that drive it.
"If people want to take a knee, it's their choice and I respect it. We all have to come together to fight discrimination and social injustice."
Dominic Raab

@ DominicRaab
To put it bluntly, I have full respect for the Black Lives Matter movement and the issues that drive it. If people want to take a knee, that's their choice and I respect it. We all need to come together to fight discrimination and social injustice.
1:36 p.m. - June 18, 2020
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Football teams across the UK have shown support for the Black Lives Matter movement and posted many pictures and statements.
Earlier this month, the chairman of the equality and inclusion organization Kick It Out asked every Premier League player to bend their knees.
After Wednesday night's game, which featured the words "Black Lives Matter" on his players' jerseys, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said that more needs to be done to combat racism.
Whites should apologize for racism, says Guardiola
SHOWS: MANCHESTER, ENGLAND, UK (JUNE 17, 2020) (CITY TV - ACCESS ALL) 1. MANCHESTER CITY MANAGER, PEP GUARDIOLA, ENTERING THE VIDEO CONFERENCE NEWS CONFERENCE 2. WHITE FLASH 3. (SOUNDBITE) (English) MANCHESTER CITY MANAGER, PEP GUARDIOLA, ABOUT BLACK LIFE, MOVEMENT AND PREMIER LEAGUE'S RESPONSE SAYS: "Well, we should say that white people should apologize and apologize for the way we have treated black people over the past 400 years or centuries I'm ashamed of what we have done for these wonderful blacks around the world. It is not a problem with the United States and the United States what happened to Mr. Floyd (George Floyd). I think there are everywhere a racism problem and maybe for our generation it's too late, but hopefully new, younger generations can understand that the only race we have is ourselves, not because of skin color, every gesture is important but it is a struggle, the day is day to day and day to day for months and years. It has been a problem for a long time and you have to support it every day. But what the players have done is wonderful and hopefully we can do it with good government gestures and every day in schools and with every person every day. "4. WHITE FLASH 5. (SOUNDBITE) MANCHESTER CITY MANAGER, PEP GUARDIOLA, IF HE FEELS SAFE TO PLAY IN THE COVID 19 CRISIS, SAYS:" No, we feel safe. I think the Premier League did an incredible job and you can't imagine all the people and workers here in Manchester City - a few people work a lot for a lot of people. And yes, we feel safe. It's just weird. We really miss people. Playing football without people is strange. Of course we have to do it now because the government says the NHS and the people who say scientists can do it, but at the same time you have to be careful. I feel like the virus is still here. You cannot relax and just be careful. But we are protected. We are tested twice a week. We have (disinfectant) gel, social distancing, masks and everything we can do to be protected. "6. WHITE FLASH 7. (SOUNDBITE) (English) MANCHESTER CITY MANAGER, PEP GUARDIOLA, ABOUT ERIC GARCIA INJURY AND TEAM PERFORMANCE, SAYING:" Yes, of course we are very concerned about Eric (Garcia), so the last piece of information - he is conscious, but I think he will be tested tonight because these kicks in the head are always so dangerous. The game, 11 against 11, the first minutes were typical after a two month break without much energy from either team. Until we got used to the game and we had chances. We were lucky to score the first goal and at the end of the first half and after the second goal the penalty and the farewell was much easier. But in general we know - after two months you don't know exactly what the team will be like or how it will feel. We had a good performance against a good team. "8TH WHITE FLASH 9TH ARSENAL MANAGER, MIKEL ARTETA, ENTERING THE VIDEO CONFERENCE MESSAGE CONFERENCE 10TH WHITE FLASH 11 overall environment of the game is completely different than we are used to, but we have to adapt. We play football again, which we like to do and hopefully help people with it. Today's game has had many conditions, one of which we did before the game, but I think it sends a strong message. I think it creates a globally unique message with what we want to achieve. I think some behaviors will hopefully change with all of the things that happen, and if we can do a little bit of it, great. "12. WHITE FLASH 13. (SOUNDBITE) (English) ARSENAL MANAGER, MIKEL ARTETA, About David LUIZ:" I don't know what will happen to his contract. I know what happened today. I know how David reacted. I know him well. Not as a player, but also as a person. He can deal with these situations. There was a reason why I didn't choose him from the start. And he had to play because Pablo (Mari) was injured. He'll always try to do his best no matter what condition he is in, and he tried again. It didn't work for him or the team. But that's it. "14TH WHITE FLASH 15TH (SOUNDBITE) (English) ARSENAL MANAGER, MIKEL ARTETA, PABLO MARI AND GRANIT XHAKA INJURIES, SAYING:" Yes, they are being rated at the moment and we will probably know something tomorrow morning more. But Pablos (injury) didn't look too good to be fair. "16. WHITE FLASH 17. ARTETA LEAVING STORY: Pep Guardiola, manager of Manchester City, said white people should apologize for treating black people on a night when Premier League players were playing with the slogan" Black Lives Matter " The City and Arsenal players knelt before the game kicked off on Wednesday (June 17) after an identical gesture at the start of the game between Aston Villa and Sheffield United, which was due to the Coronavirus pandemic to return after a three-month absence All players' names on the back of their jerseys were replaced with the words "Black Lives Matter" when the league officially joined the international protest campaign after the death of George Floyd, a black man, last month by Minneapolis police officers. Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta also hoped the league's gestures would change, and the coaches communicated after her em game in which Manchester City won 3-0 at Arsenal at Etihad Stadium, this was the second game since the return of the Premier League after a 100-day break due to the COVID-19 crisis.
He said: "We should send a thousand million messages for the black people, because for more than four centuries, four hundred years, I have been embarrassed to do what we have done to these kind of loved ones."
"I am ashamed of what white people have done for black people.
“All gestures are good, positive, but you have to do it with facts. I don't think it will be resolved in a few days, but anything we can do to raise awareness is unacceptable in the 21st century.
“It's not just in the United States. All around the world. We have a lot of things to do for black people that we haven't done before. "

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