Domino's Pizza 'Gets Political' After Former Republican Strategist Resurfaces 2012 Tweet

White House spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany said in a 2012 tweet that she preferred Domino's Pizza, Inc. (NYSE: DPZ) over rival Yum! Pizza Hut from Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM).
So why is this news? Because it's 2020.
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What Happened: McEnany not only preferred Domino's over Pizza Hut, but said in her 2012 tweet that it was "Wayyyy better than any pizza in NYC".
First of all, no. As much as we all love Domino's, including me, it is factually wrong to say that it is far superior to "any" NYC pizza. Maybe it's better than a couple of the $ 1 slice joints, but I think everyone has their own.
Surprisingly, this is not the cause of the Internet's outrage. Instead, the Internet offends Domino's because he replied to the tweet with a simple thank you.
Kayleigh McEnany

@ Kayleighmcenany
November 9, 2012
FUN FACT: @dominos is much better than any NYC pizza
Dominos pizza

@ Dominos
@ Kayleighmcenany that's a hell of a compliment! Thanks for love! #We appreciate it!
2:48 a.m. - November 9, 2012
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7,074 people talk about it
This is what insults the internet. Former Republican strategist Rick Wilson is one of the best-known political figures who comment on President Donald Trump's spokesman's favorite pizzeria.
Domino replied quickly.
McEnamy reiterated her love for dominoes in a Monday tweet, but added that she also loves Pizza Hut. Here is a selection of the most notable responses from Twitter users.
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