Don Cheadle Tells Jimmy Fallon He’s Been Stopped By Police “More Times Than I Can Count”

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Don Cheadle shared his previous experiences with police and discrimination during a virtual visit to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.
The star of Black Monday and House of Lies told Fallon that he had been stopped by the police "more than I can count" and learned at a young age how to deal with situations where he might come into contact with law enforcement agencies.
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"I think a lot of black people have a history of how their parents warned them, what to do when they get in touch with law enforcement, and the rules of how to make sure you get home and safe are and what you had to do it, ”he said to Fallon. "Unfortunately, that was something that came to mind very early on."
Cheadle said he grew up in a "mostly black neighborhood" in Kansas City, MO, where he rarely saw police officers and it wasn't really a problem, but things changed when his family moved to the suburbs.
"We were the minority there, it was very different," he revealed. “That was where I started for the first time - when a lot of bullying started at school and was definitely based on racing, and then it became clear that the cops weren't on Team Don and there was other treatment. ”
This treatment continued, he said, when he moved to Los Angeles under the then LAPD boss Darryl Gates.
"We would be stopped - I mean, I was stopped more times than I can count," he said. "Guns placed on my head. I always match the description.
"It always happened," he continued. I had good friends who were killed by the police almost for nothing. It was nothing new to me when all of these videos came out. They were things we knew very well that they were happening. They just weren't filmed. "
You can see the entire interview below.
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