Don Lemon: Donald Trump Just Said ‘The Dumbest Thing I’ve Ever Heard’

CNN's Don Lemon hammered President Donald Trump on Thursday for what he called "the stupidest thing I've ever heard".
Lemon condemned the president for alleging in a Dallas police reform panel discussion that officials were "on the street during the anti-racism protests that had spread throughout the month after Minoreapolis killed George Floyd last month in Minneapolis." dominated with compassion ".
"What dominates the street with compassion?" Lemon asked the audience. "Think about it."
Lemon then tumbled a long list of ways Trump showed no sympathy during the demonstrations - from gassing peaceful demonstrators to do a photo op to spreading false conspiracy theories.
Republicans and Trump's supporters also drew lemon poison when the CNN anchor accused them of being complicit.
At the beginning of his show "CNN Tonight", Lemon described Trump as a "relic" because he apparently denied that there was racism.
"This president doesn't care what he says about race because he's the obstetrician. He's the son of bitches. He's the top fucking state," Lemon said. "I don't care what he has to say about racing, because it is irrelevant. It's ignorant anyway. So, you know, whatever. I can only call him because of his ignorance. "
Check out Lemon’s monologue here:
CNN tonight

President Trump says we will fight racism "very easily" and "quickly".

"Impressive. I wish that were true. Only that it was 400 years ago that the first enslaved blacks were brought into this country by force. Centuries of blood and oppression." - @DonLemon from CNN
7:28 a.m. - June 12, 2020
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