Don Lemon Reacts to Dave Chappelle Criticism in New Netflix Stand-Up Special: 'I Actually Agree With Him'

Dave Chappelle targeted the CNN anchor Don Lemon in a stunning new stand-up comedy special for Netflix - and Lemon doesn't really care.
In the new special, filmed in honor of George Floyd on June 6th in front of a socially distant live audience - you can see the entire special above - titled 8:46, Chappelle gets serious and takes action against systemic racism who contributed to Floyd's early death and subsequent global protests. In particular, he calls on Lemon because he demands that celebrities comment on this topic: “These are the streets that speak for themselves. You don't need me now. I kept my mouth shut. But don't think my silence is complicit ... Why should anyone care what their favorite comedian thinks after seeing a policeman kneel on a man's neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds? "
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Lemon responded to Chappelle's criticism on CNN's new day ... and didn't really argue with his stance. "I actually agree with Dave Chappelle," he said, adding that Chappelle is his favorite comedian. "I think the young people out there on the street don't care what we have to say [in the establishment]."
While he claimed this was "a moment when we should all use our platform to do everything we can," Lemon admitted that Chappelle did just that with his new special. "He talks about this problem and I think it's great. He uses his platform to talk about it as much as he can."
Chappelle also shot conservative commentators Laura Ingraham and Candace Owens in the 27-minute special, which was released for free on YouTube. The comedian has already produced five stand-up specials for Netflix, most recently Dave Chappelle from last year: Sticks and Stones.
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