Donald Trump—In His Latest Racist, Sexist Move—Calls Kamala Harris a ‘Monster’

President Donald Trump - the man who failed nationally a week ago to condemn white supremacists - called Democratic Vice President Senator Kamala Harris a "monster" on Fox News twice.
I repeat, Donald Trump - the man who, despite the deadly coronavirus, refuses to agree to a virtual presidential debate against opponent Joe Biden - has just described the first black and Asian American woman to ever take part in a vice presidential debate as a "monster". And for some reason a "communist" which is wrong.
"This monster that was on stage with Mike Pence - who, by the way, destroyed her last night - but this monster," said Trump when he called Fox Business on October 8th. "I thought it wasn't even a competition last night." She was terrible. I don't think you could be any worse. And absolutely unlikely. And she is. She is a communist. It's left over from Bernie [Sanders]. "
Donald Trump - who suggested he was entitled to a third term as president; who called Mexicans "rapists"; who hosted a large, mostly mask-free event during a global pandemic; who deliberately downplayed the coronavirus then said "Don't be afraid of COVID" after receiving the best medical care this country has - this man. You know this man. He is our president. This man called Kamala Harris a "monster".
Donald Trump - a misogynist who once said he would grab women "by the pussy" and called Hillary Clinton an "bad woman" during a presidential debate - had the audacity to call Kamala Harris a "monster". Recall that after Trump revealed his and First Lady Melania Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, Harris wrote this on Twitter: “Doug [her husband] and I wish Joe Biden and Dr. Biden shared with President Trump and the First Lady a full and quick recovery. We keep her and the entire Trump family on our minds. "He called this woman a 'monster'.
Huh ... something to think about.
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