Dr Birx says Covid is now spreading in homes and she fears upticks in some of best-performing states

Deborah Birx wishes the US had banned like Italy (AFP via Getty Images)
A member of the Coronavirus Task Force of the White House and one of the country's leading doctors warned that the spread of coronavirus in the US was "very different" than in the first months of the global pandemic.
The United States has seen a “very different” spread of the novel coronavirus in recent months than the wave of infections that swept across the country in the first few months of the global pandemic, a member of the White House's coronavirus response group warned.
Dr. Deborah Birx, one of the country's foremost doctors, said Covid-19 has now spread among Americans at social events - including family gatherings - where people "take off their mask and let go of their guard".
While the virus initially infected people in confined spaces, in local public transport and at major events, according to Dr. Birx, many states have now adopted CDC guidelines and other infection containment measures.
"The spread of the virus is now less happening in the workplace than people have taken precautionary measures," she said. "It happens at home and at social events, and people gather and take off their mask and let go of their guard without physically distancing themselves."
The doctor spoke during her visit to the University of Connecticut, where she met with the state's Democratic governor Ned Lamont and discussed the school's initiatives related to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Associated Press.
She said small gatherings among family and friends were likely to fuel the pandemic and its impact on the U.S. This year, more than 210,000 people died nationwide as a result of the virus. Experts warn that the winter months could become even more deadly.
"We are unprepared when we are with people we know," said Dr. Birx, adding that indoor activities with the heating on in small gatherings "are particularly helpful in promoting unmasked events".
"It happens at home and at social events and people gathering and removing their masks," she added.
While the country has learned how to fight the virus successfully through the actions of the northeastern states, Dr. Birx that many of these states could soon experience an increase in Covid-19 infections.
"Now is the time to act in the Northeast and that means we need to change our personal behavior," she said.
More than 7.6 million people across the country have signed Covid-19. On Friday, tracking data showed there were 57,420 confirmed cases in the U.S., the most since mid-August, as well as 990 deaths.
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