Dr. Birx warns of "silent" coronavirus spread in the Northeast

There are ominous new signs that the United States is on the verge of yet another strong wave of the coronavirus. More than 57,000 new cases were reported nationwide on Friday, adding to the more than 7.6 million known infections nationwide. More than 213,000 people in the US have died as a result of the virus.
Healthcare professionals prepare and warn for the worst.
Dr. Deborah Birx of the White House's coronavirus task force toured the northeast this week warning of a surge, CBS News’s Michael George reports.
"We're seeing some of these early signs that we saw in the south after Memorial Day, a sense that there is early, asymptomatic silent spreading," Birx said.
"It happens at home and at social events, and people collect and take off their masks."
In New York City this week, volunteers were seen on street corners handing out masks to monitor public health.
"I've seen a lot of people without a mask, so see us and grab them," said Myra Johnson.
However, not everyone in the region agrees with the COVID-19 measures. Members of the New York Orthodox Jewish community took to the streets this week and gathered in large groups, while some in Brooklyn were seen wearing face masks on fire.
The community filed a lawsuit against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for closing churches to slow the spread of the virus. A federal judge took the governor's side on Friday.
While the city's mayor, Bill de Blasio, condemned the protests, the state is tightening restrictions on places where the virus is spreading. That influenced Broadway - a cultural icon in New York City.
"It is certainly possible that many shows cannot return," said Charlotte St. Martin, president of the Broadway League.
The group announced on Friday that major theaters in New York City would close until May 2021. Around 97,000 workers are put on hold due to the industrial break.
Oboist Keve Wilson, who is part of the show's musical ensemble, said she felt like she was in a "hold pattern".
"We have some decisions to make," said Wilson. "I spoke to a musician yesterday who said she was going back to school to bookkeeping to try and start a new career."
The shutdown of Broadway means New York City will not be completely normal for at least another eight months.
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