Dr. Fauci Advises Against This One COVID Safety Measure

After weeks of public optimism about the approval and release of two effective coronavirus vaccines, the world was turned back to a harsh reality when it was discovered that a new strain of the virus had been discovered in the UK. Scientists reported that the variation is potentially 70 percent more contagious than the original level, health officials around the world began to take steps to control its spread beyond the UK's borders. Anthony Fauci, MD, however, spoke out against the ban on British visitors to the US, saying that while we "should no doubt keep an eye on it" we should remember that "we do not want to overreact" exposure to unnecessarily rigorous exposure COVID restrictions.
In an interview with CNN on Dec. 21, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) signaled that he would refuse to stop flights to the US from the UK if the subject was raised at a meeting of Whites’s coronavirus task force House should come up. Read on to see why he is against the new measures and what others should be doing. For more information on the new strain, see Will the New COVID Strain Make the Vaccine Useless? Experts weigh in.
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Fauci doesn't think the new strain warrants a stubborn response.
Travel restrictions due to a COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, motorway information that reads CLOSED BY COVID-19
Although he was clear that he was not criticizing other countries' decisions to ban incoming travelers from the UK, Fauci said he believed that travel restrictions may be premature given the information currently available. During the live interview with CNN, he pointed out that health officials in the UK were doing the right thing by overseeing the evolution of the strain, but that current evidence does not suggest the variation is more deadly or resistant to the vaccines that are currently being used managed.
"Follow it carefully, but don't overreact to it," advised Fauci. For more information about red flags that may already make you sick, see If Your Symptoms Are In This Order, You May Have Severe COVID.
Some experts agreed with Fauci's cautious approach ...
Admiral Brett Giroir, White House COVID Test Tsar
Fauci wasn't the only one who'd advised not to take any further action at this point. During a CNN New Day interview on Dec. 21, Admiral Brett Giroir, MD, the White House COVID-19 test tsar, said while "it was all on the table" he was also waiting for more information before giving any information of governance.
"I think we are waiting for CDC recommendations," said Giroir. "Last night when we spoke to [CDC Director Robert Redfield, MD] there was no recommendation for it. Again, we're getting more information every hour. I think, like we've done and must do, we need to listen to the best experts . "
Other health experts also noted that the 70 percent increase in the risk of infection reported by the new strain was due to computer modeling rather than laboratory data, and warned that further research was needed before major restrictions were imposed.
"Overall, I think we need a little more experimental data," said Dr. Muge Cevik, Infectious Disease Expert at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and UK Government Research Adviser to the New York Times. "We cannot completely rule out that some of this portability data is related to human behavior." Sign up for our daily newsletter for more regular coronavirus updates.
But other officials strongly disagreed.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announces updates on the spread of the coronavirus during the press conference ahead of the July 4th weekend
Other elected officials, such as New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, publicly opposed the idea of ​​allowing British travelers to enter the United States, claiming that decisive measures could be taken to avoid the possibility of contagious contamination from abroad.
"Why don't we act intelligently for a change?" Cuomo asked rhetorically during his regular daily press conference on December 21. "Right now this variant is getting on a plane in the UK and flying to JFK ... why don't we mandate tests before people get on the flight or the flights stop from the UK now? Many other countries have done so," Cuomo warned that "this is another disaster waiting to happen". For more information on other places currently struggling with the coronavirus, see This State is the New Epicenter of the COVID Pandemic.
More than 20 countries have closed their borders to travelers from the UK.
Security guard with face mask in front of the aircraft
As of December 21, a growing list of countries including Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Russia according to the New York Times have restrictions or bans on travel to and from the UK. This has also led to chaos in freight transport at the border. For more White House advice, see A White House Official Who Issued This Warning About The New COVID Mutation.
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