Dr. Fauci Has This Message of Hope for 2021

Americans should know that a positive end to the COVID-19 pandemic is near, but now is not the time to abandon public health measures to contain the current surge in the coronavirus, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading infectious disease specialist Wednesday. "The end is in sight," Fauci said on the Wall Street Journal podcast. "We can actually end this with a combination of good public health action and compliance and vaccine acceptance." Read on - and to keep your health and the health of others safe, these safe signs you already had with coronavirus shouldn't be missed.
"We can't throw our hands up"
When COVID-19 vaccines were introduced for health care workers, Fauci and other public health officials urged Americans to remain vigilant about protective measures like wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing to contain the spread of the virus.
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"Vaccines are really going to stop us, but we can't put our hands up and say, 'Okay, there are vaccines here. We're going to start vaccinating people. So we can forget about public health measures.' "said Fauci. "It's almost the opposite of me that we want to double the public health policy. If we put an end to this, we don't want to be the last to get sick and die from it."
Fauci added that he is well aware that many Americans are fed up with the social isolation that the pandemic has created and the daily blow of the dire news. "I am fully aware and sensitive of this concept and the reality of COVID fatigue," he said. "It's real. I see it all around me. But now is not the time to give in to COVID fatigue."
"I will guarantee you this will end," added Fauci. "And ultimately it will end on a positive note and we will return to some degree of normalcy."
Fauci said that normalcy should return by late summer or early fall of 2021, when 75% to 80% of the American population will be vaccinated. He predicted that this would provide sufficient protection against coronavirus for restaurants, sports arenas and cinemas to open safely.
As is well known, Fauci had already declared in April that COVID-19 could lead to the death of the handshake. He has revised this prediction. "When this is over, people will shake hands again," he said on Wednesday, adding that one positive lasting development could be people becoming more comfortable in public during times of seasonal respiratory illness, which could potentially reduce the spread of it Illnesses decreased.
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How to survive this pandemic
Do whatever you can to prevent you from getting - and spreading - COVID-19: wear a face mask, get tested if you think you have coronavirus, avoid the crowds (and bars and house parties), practice social Distancing contacts, only doing important errands, washing hands regularly, disinfecting surfaces that are touched frequently and not missing these 35 places you are most likely to catch COVID to help you weather this pandemic the healthiest.
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