Dr. Fauci Says When Sports, Movies Could Be Back

Social gatherings that Americans took for granted prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, like sporting events and going to the cinema, could resume in late summer or early fall 2021, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's leading infectious disease expert Wednesday. Fauci said this would depend on the "overwhelming majority" of the American population being vaccinated against the coronavirus, ranging from 75% to 85%. "It will literally depend on whether or not we get a very good and enthusiastic reception of vaccines," he told the Wall Street Journal podcast The Journal. Read on - and to keep your health and the health of others safe, these safe signs you already had with coronavirus shouldn't be missed.
April "open season" for vaccinations, he predicts
"Fortunately, we have a spectacularly effective tool with 94% to 95% effectiveness and, to our knowledge, no significant adverse events," said Fauci, referring to the two approved vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna Emergency earlier this month. "And if you do it to its fullest advantage, we can go back to some form of normal at this point."
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The initial supply of vaccines is limited and largely intended for healthcare providers and nursing home residents. But Fauci predicted that by April it would be "open season" for vaccination - meaning that "the normal man and woman on the street" can be vaccinated without an underlying disease or essential job. "The way we introduce the vaccine will have priorities that will be vaccinated first and the number of vaccines available will gradually increase over the months," he said.
"If we have a very, very heavy vaccine given by April, and do it by April, May, June and July, until we get to the end of summer and fall, we could get enough of one - blanket or umbrella or whatever you use it." want to call - have protection in the community so that we could approach a kind of normality, "said Fauci. "Which means the schools are well protected. The teachers are vaccinated, they are not concerned. Restaurants could then dine indoors. They could have entertainment and theater."
Maybe even a World Series? Asked the reporter?
"Yes. But it is perfectly possible. No, really true, quite possible. But it's up to us," he added. "If we only vaccinate 50% of people, we're not going to get to that point very quickly."
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How to survive this pandemic
If you want to go back to the movies or have a World Series, do whatever it takes to prevent you from getting - and spreading - COVID-19: wear a face mask, get tested if you think you have coronavirus, and avoid the crowds (and bars and house parties), practice social distancing, only run important errands, wash your hands regularly, sanitize frequently-touched surfaces, get vaccinated when it's available, and miss them Pandemic Not When You Are Your Healthiest These 35 Places Are Most Likely to Catch COVID.
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