Dr. Mario World Is Being Pronounced Dead In November

Dr. Mario from Dr. Mario World
Dr. Mario World, the mobile game launched in 2019 with the help of LINE, will be discontinued in November, the company just announced.
A notice posted on the Nintendo website states that support for the game will end on November 1st at 6am UTC. For most games this means that it is simply no longer supported, but in this case it means that the game as a mobile game depends on external servers, in fact becomes completely unplayable:
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If you like the game Dr. Starting Mario World after the game has stopped serving, you will see a notification that the service has ended and you will not be able to play the game.
In Dr. Mario World Memories, a website that is available after the game service has ended, can look back on your game history.
For the few who still play, Nintendo adds, "Also, diamonds will no longer be available from July 28, 2021," which is ... today.
It's weird how games can just go away like that, even when the whole reason for closing is (probably) because nobody is playing anymore. For example, a couple of weeks ago my son wanted to play Minecraft Earth, something he'd dealt with quite a lot, only to find that it was killed in June too and wasn't even playable now.
I was trying to explain to him what happened to the game and he just didn't understand how a game can be there but not there.

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