'Dreams' TikTok star reacts to being gifted a new truck after viral Fleetwood Mac-cranberry juice video: 'It’s been a wild ride'

Riding a longboard while lip-syncing with Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams" and drinking cranberry juice turned out to be a lucrative combination for a TikTok star.
Nathan Apodaca, who uses the handle @ 420doggface208 on the video sharing app, received a new truck and a ton of juice from Ocean Spray on Tuesday. That's just the final excitement for Idaho Falls, Idaho, a man who has gone viral in the past few weeks.
"I had an incredible surprise yesterday - a brand new set of wheels from Ocean Spray!" Apodaca tells Yahoo Entertainment. "The truck is cranberry red and the back has been filled to the brim with my favorite cran raspberry juice."
TikTok star Nathan Apodaca, who uses the 420doggface208 handle on the video sharing app, poses after receiving a truck from Ocean Spray as a gift on October 6 in Idaho Falls, Idaho. (Photo: MEGA / Getty Images)
He added, "It has been a wild ride for sure and I feel humbled to have this good vibe for everyone now."
The juice company shared a video of the big reveal, noting, "We loved the skateboard, but we thought this set of wheels had a better sound system."
Apodaca had said the reason he was on his longboard for the video was because his truck, which has more than 300,000 miles, left on the way to work. This scenario had happened to him before, so he kept a board in the background and went along.
In the days after his video went viral - supported by Fleetwood Mac, who posted it on social media last month saying, “We love this!” - it received over $ 10,000 in donations. He told TMZ that after giving his mother $ 5,000, he used the rest to improve his living situation - he lived in an RV with no running water outside of his brother's house. He also bought new clothes for his daughters.
While his video got him lots of clicks, things went into high gear after Mick Fleetwood came to TikTok to share his version of the Apodaca-inspired "Dreams" challenge. The legendary band's song was back on the charts last week as Apodaca became interested in the song again.
Ocean Spray CEO Tom Hayes also joined TikTok and shared his "Dreams" challenge.
And after Apodaca got his new truck, he posed a new "Dreams" challenge. He spun around and sang to the song again, Ocean Spray in hand.
Apodaca now has more than 2.2 million followers on TikTok - and its original video has 26.4 million views and counts.
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