Drew Bledsoe explains how Tom Brady will elevate Buccaneers' intensity

It's not easy to find NFL players who win more intensely than Tom Brady.
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback approaches every day with a chip on their shoulders. He's constantly trying to prove he's the best quarterback for his team, despite winning six Super Bowl titles and arguably becoming the greatest player in the league's history.
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One of the biggest benefits that privateers get from working with Brady is seeing what it takes to keep playing at a high level. This means that you are constantly working on your vehicle throughout the season, whether in the field or in the weight room. It's a four- or five-month break in which little else matters apart from winning soccer games. Tampa Bay's squad isn't full of people with Super Bowl rings, so the example Brady is setting will be tremendously helpful.
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Brady had a lot of help building an atmosphere of concentration and intensity throughout his career in New England. Patriot trainer Bill Belichick is as intense and demanding as they come. Creating the same environment in Tampa Bay could be more difficult. For one thing, there is more fun to do after a workout, given the nice weather and proximity to the beaches in Florida.
Drew Bledsoe, one of Brady's former New England Patriots teammates, recently told Colin Cowherd in "The Herd with Colin Cowherd" by FOX Sports 1 that he doesn't think the 42-year-old quarterback will have problems with the intensity in Tampa to boost bay.
"If you do professional sports, especially soccer, if you don't show up every day with high intensity, are willing to work hard and hit heads, then you're in the wrong job. So let's start there," said Bledsoe.
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"With Tom, he brings so much credibility to this organization that he will immediately increase it inside the building," said Bledsoe. "What they do when they leave the facility might be a little different. Leave the facility and go to the beach, that sounds pretty good. I never did. I was in New England and Buffalo. I went to Dallas, At least it was warm. But once you are in the building, you should have that intensity better. With the credibility and the work ethic and all the things Tom brings, I think it will immediately improve things for her. " "
Brady has already shown willingness to work with his teammates and establish the kind of culture he imagines in Tampa Bay. He has reportedly held several training sessions with teammates, which gave the Buccaneers offensive valuable time to build chemistry and bring Brady closer to the team's offensive.
Buccaneers players will quickly realize - if they haven't done so already - what kind of hard work, hustle and bustle, and competitiveness Brady demands of his teammates. When the superstar player and team leader sets such a good example, the rest of the team usually follows, especially as Brady never hesitates to hold himself accountable.
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Drew Bledsoe explains how Tom Brady will increase the intensity of Buccaneers that originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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