Driver Outruns Cops With One Of The Most Powerful Muscle Cars, Then Runs Out Of Gas

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If only the gas tank had been bigger, this Hellcat could have had one of the most successful getaways.
What would you do with one of the fastest production cars of all time? Well, Mohamed Ahmed Abu-Shlieba thought the Dodge Challenger Hellcat could outrun the cops. Not only was he right about the police cars not being able to keep up, but thanks to the Hellcat's top speed of 200 miles per hour, the helicopters weren't able to keep up either.
The chase began on I-10 in the Houston area after police identified the Mopar as stolen. Traffic was pretty heavy at the time, but the Hellcat seemed to have no trouble at all cutting through it and finding enough open road to walk a bird's-eye view. But just as the Hellcat appeared to be gone, it was spotted on the side of the road just off Winnie's exit, where it appeared to have run out of gas. However, the driver was nowhere to be found.
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One thing Abu-Shlieba just couldn't explain was the persistence of the now five different law enforcement agencies that were pursuing him. Using infrared technology, he was spotted hiding in a wooded area in the middle of a cow pasture. Although it is not known whether he thought he was free from home or not, Abu-Shlieba was then seen calmly strolling out of the forest talking on his mobile phone.
While the Hellcat clearly has the ability to back up its claims of being one of the fastest things on the road, Abu-Shlieba might have escaped if he stormed into a gas station after losing the police force. He might even have got away on foot if he hadn't taken a leisurely walk in a clearing while on the phone. After he was arrested, he made comments to the police officers about letting the car run out of gas so they could catch up and taunted them throughout the day in court.
(yes we know this is an old video)
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