Drivers Aren’t Stopping For The Cops, SEMA Might Be In Trouble, And Richard Hammond’s New Daily Driver

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A shocking crowd of drivers won't stop for cops in Washington, Ford wants to brake them, and many automakers are pulling out of SEMA. Richard Hammond has a cute new daily driver, we talk about why it's important muscle cars are safe and we talk about the weed-funded racing team. All this and more in this week's Motorious Podcast, check it out:
People don't stop for the Washington State Police
We've all been out and about when an idiot did something not only incredibly stupid but super dangerous, only to wonder why cops aren't arresting them. If you live in Washington state, there's a good explanation: police are almost powerless to stop criminals on the run. Many suspects fleeing law enforcement are behind the wheel of stolen cars, so running the tags will not result in an arrest.
As of January 2022, the Washington State Patrol says over 900 drivers simply did not stop when soldiers tried to stop them. Criminals are preying on and ignoring law enforcement, thanks to new laws passed by the state legislature in the wake of calls to disempower the police and limit their powers. Even better, the situation is almost guaranteed to get worse.
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Ford wants to force you not to accelerate
Speed ​​kills, or so we're repeatedly told by people who don't want to talk much about driver distraction anymore. This attitude appears to be embodied in Ford's new forced speed compliance experiment being conducted in Germany. Going by the name of Geofencing Speed ​​Limit Control System, it's once again a company pushing the idea of ​​a utopian society created through the use of authoritarian technology.
Imagine a city where there are no speed limit signs because every car is forced not to cross the limit. Sounds pretty good right? That is the ultimate vision of this Blue Oval experiment being conducted in Cologne, Germany.
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Automakers are doing without SEMA
The Specialty Equipment Market Association, or SEMA Show, has been around since 1967. Over the years, the gathering, ostensibly closed to the public, has grown from a tiny affair to one of the must-attend events for almost everyone in the auto industry. Recently, automakers have used the event to engage enthusiasts with their offerings, investing significant resources into designs, displays, driving experiences and more. Now those investments appear to be on the wane.
At the time of writing, GM, Ford, Honda, and Hyundai have all withdrawn from the 2022 SEMA Show. It seems like the list is growing every few days, so it might be out of date at the time of publication.
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Richard Hammond now commutes in a Hellcat
The running joke on The Grand Tour is that Richard Hammond is secretly American. Jeremy Clarkson and James May had plenty of reason to think so, considering their fellow hosts often heaped tons of praise on the American cars he drove on the show, or at least the good ones. But it's Hammond's latest purchase, a Dodge Charger Hellcat, that has really won our respect.
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