Drone Captures Great White Sharks Feasting on a Dolphin Carcass

Great white sharks were filmed eating a dolphin carcass off the California coast on June 14th. Carlos Gauna recorded this drone material and published it on his YouTube page. Great white sharks can be seen biting and shaking the carcass, swimming away and coming back. Gauna said in the YouTube article that the sharks are “only a few meters away from swimmers. I don't know who the people on the boat are, but they did get a front row seat for the show. “Gauna told Storyful that this was the first time he had seen such behavior from a shark off the coast. I have been filming sharks off the California coast for a few years and have never seen them eat such a [large carcass] so close to humans, ”he said. Gauna told Storyful that he had noticed larger sharks along the coast and said that they show "much less shy behavior towards people". He told Storyful that he had seen white sharks "in various locations from Santa Monica to Point Dume in Malibu and in the Ventura and Santa Barbara counties". He told Storyful that he was filming along the coast to remind people that there are wildlife in the area. "As beach visitors, we should focus on keeping our shores clean, picking up our garbage and assigning them to the domain of wild animals," he said. Photo credit: Carlos Gauna via Storyful

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