Dua Lipa Condemns DaBaby’s Homophobic Rant Amid Calls to Remove Rapper From 'Levitating' Remix

"Popstars, Dua Lipa with DaBaby" could soon no longer exist. The latest homophobic rant des rappers on Rolling Loud makes Lipa rethink their lucrative collaboration on the “Levitating” remix - and fans dream of artists who will replace him on the hit track.
Lipa, the singer behind hits such as "Don't Start Now" and "New Rules," took to Instagram Stories Tuesday to share comments from former co-worker DaBaby about the LGBTQ community at the Rolling Loud music festival on Sunday night.
"I'm surprised and appalled by DaBaby's comments. I really don't recognize this as the person I've been working with." She wrote. “I know that my fans know where my heart is and that I am 100% with the LGBTQ community. We need to come together to fight the stigma and ignorance surrounding HIV / AIDS. "
@DuaLipa (Instagram)
Lipa's testimony comes amid considerable backlash against DaBaby, née Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, for the shocking remarks he made during his Rolling Loud set at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida.
"If you haven't shown up today with HIV, AIDS, or one of those deadly sexually transmitted diseases that will kill you in two or three weeks, turn on your cell phone." Kirk said, adding, "Ladies, if your P --- smells like water, light a cell phone. Folks, when you're not sucking in the parking lot, turn on your cell phone light. "
The rapper later tried (keyword: "tried") to explain his statements on Monday in a five-minute Instagram Stories video.
"I'll address this idiotic Internet once, and then I'll give my fans my love again, because what I and my fans do on the live show doesn't affect you n --- on the Internet or you bitter b-- - on the Internet, "he began.
"I said, 'If you don't have AIDS, turn on a cell phone lighter,'" DaBaby told his 19.1 million followers. "I said, 'If you're not stupid in the parking lot, turn on the lights on your cell phone.'"
"All the lights went on - gay or straight - do you want to know why?" He continued. "Because even my gay fans don't have goddamn AIDS, stupid ass. You don't have AIDS. My gay fans, they take care of themselves. You're not a bad gay n --- you see what I'm saying? They are not junkies on the street. "
He said his crowd raised their cell phones because “my gay fans, they don't want this. You have class, n ---. They suck no d --- in any parking lot, n ---. You have to get yourself a room, a good five-star hotel, or wait for them to go to bed. ... If you're a fan of mine, you'll want a big dog s ---. We don't just go for free. Even my gay fans have standards! "
Lipa's fans don't buy any of it.
Prior to the pop star's testimony on Tuesday, several Twitter campaigns had already started to recruit another artist to replace DaBaby's verse on "Levitating," one of the most popular songs of the past year. While there's already an alternate remix of the infectious, disco-inspired track starring Madonna and Missy Elliot (in addition to Lipa's solo album version), fans are suggesting she team up with greats like Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Nas X.
See how they make their point here. For your information, this Dua Megan remix is ​​unfortunately made by fans.
The pending remix we deserve! F * ck DaBaby ?? pic.twitter.com/ns3VJxSmrP
- ✨ (@heyjaeee) July 26, 2021
Dua removes Dababy from levitating, Megan adds, and going to number 1 would be the ultimate gag.
- ً (@godneysjs) July 27, 2021
I need Dua to IMMEDIATELY remove the Dababy remix of Levitating from the streaming services and give us a Megan remix instead. We deserve it! pic.twitter.com/2hthSGOfGs
- Jack Julow (@jack_julow) July 26, 2021
why is dua teased with the dababy scandal? Anyway, hopefully she's doing another remix with Megan that floated could go to # 1? pic.twitter.com/CivnMsfqCq
- ali? (@alisctrl) July 26, 2021
Can we get Dua Lipa to re-record the pending remix with @lilnasx instead, bc dababy is a homophobe?
- matt (@mattxiv) July 26, 2021
Floating Remix feat. Lil Nas X? pic.twitter.com/bh6vIWBXoc
- Drew Howard (@ drewhoward20) July 27, 2021
The original levitating is better than the remix anyway. pic.twitter.com/hqqZ5k1o7Q
- Kalob Gossett (@KalobGossett) July 27, 2021
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