Dwayne Johnson Visits 7-Eleven Where He Used to Shoplift as a Kid to 'Right the Wrong'

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Dwayne Johnson visits 7-11, where he used to shoplift as a kid, to right the wrong
Dwayne Johnson on Instagram
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is righting his past mistakes.
The Black Adam action star shared a video on social media over the weekend documenting a recent visit to a 7-Eleven in Hawaii where he bought up stocks of Snickers bars and gave them away for free to all hungry customers.
Not only was it a generous move, but a 50-year-old Johnson did it as an act of redemption.
As the Oahu native explained, 36 years earlier — when he was just 14 — he walked into this very same 7-Eleven every day and stole a king-size Snickers on his way to the gym because he couldn't afford to buy it one. "I was broke as hell," he explained in his Instagram post of his pre-workout snack, recalling that "every day the same clerk was there and kept turning their heads and never arrested me."
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Months later, Johnson and his family were evicted from Hawaii. And while the pro-wrestler-turned-actor found great success in the years that followed, his shoplifting burdens weighed heavily on him.
This is what prompted him to settle down with the same supermarket. "After all these years I had to 'correct' the wrong thing back home in Hawaii," the Oahu native wrote in his Instagram post uploaded Sunday.
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Footage documenting his search for forgiveness showed the star emptying the store's shelves of all Snickers supplies and taking them to the checkout to buy.
He also generously picked up the bill for others waiting to be paid, and posed for selfies with his 7-Eleven shoppers.
"Many Thanks. I appreciate you," Johnson told the store clerk. "If anyone looks like they're going to steal Snickers, give them these so they don't steal them"
"We can't change the past and some of the stupid things we may have done, but every once in a while we can add a little redeeming note of grace to that situation — and maybe put a big smile on the faces of some strangers," he said and adding, "I've finally exorcised that damn chocolate demon that's been nagging at me for decades."
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Dwayne Johnson visits 7-11, where he used to shoplift as a kid, to right the wrong.
Dwayne Johnson on Instagram
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Of course, fans of Johnsons know that he is known for his good deeds, which include helping children with cancer and surprising students with disabilities. He even bought his mother a house last summer.
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"When I was a little boy, I hated it when my mother cried," he said in June in the touching post, "today I like to take her tears of joy."
Johnson continued, "I always say, if you have a good mother, you have a chance to be a good, caring person."
Dwayne Johnson
American actor and professional wrestler

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