Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson shared his recipe for the cocktail of the summer

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is not just a professional wrestler and well-paid actor. He is also the founder of Teremana Tequila, a small tequila company in Jalisco, Mexico, which is run by a local family-owned distillery.
Tequila has always been the warm weather spirit du jour and this year was no different. To get into the summer spirit (pun intended), Johnson decided to give his Instagram followers a little tutorial on how to make a watermelon "Manarita".
"I created Teremana with the only goal of bringing people together," says the "Jumanji" star in the video. "It was so enjoyable despite the crazy year we have had. It was so enjoyable to see so many of you around the world enjoying Teremana."
2 ounces. Teremana Blanco or Reposado
1 oz. Lime juice
0.5 oz. Agave nectar
4 large pieces of watermelon
To prepare the rock cocktail, put the lime juice, agave and watermelon in a shaker and mix everything until everything is well mixed.
When preparing your cocktail, think of this pro tip straight from The Rock.
"Old bartender trick," Johnson said. "You always want to wait and finally add your ghosts. Why? Because if you screw up the first part, you won't waste your magic. "
After the advice of The Rock, put your teremana (the magic) with ice last in the shaker and shake well. Or decide - as Johnson calls it - for the "sexy shake", in which you also look into the distance with trendy sunglasses. Finally drink!
There is probably no cooler way to quarantine than to prepare a refreshing cocktail and toast with The Rock.
"I'm putting this Teremana toast on my Mana Ohana," says Johnson. "What a crazy year we've had, but for better and better days the rest of this summer. You definitely deserve it. We deserve it. Salud."
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