Eagles marvel at Travis Fulgham: 'He's a beast'

Eagles marvel at Travis Fulgham: "He's a Beast" originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia
The most impressive thing Travis Fulgham did on Sunday wasn't the 10 catches and it wasn't the 152 yards and it wasn't the touchdown.
The most impressive thing Fulgham did was take the blame for a piece that wasn't his fault.
The only pass Fulgham didn't have on Sunday was a 3-5 win with 3½ minutes left, the Eagles 31-29 behind.
Fulgham passed the sticks and Carson tried to bond with him, but Joe Haden was all over Fulgham and tipped the ball away. Jerry Rice wouldn't have gotten that pass. Fulgham didn't stand a chance. It could have been a pass interference, but it wasn't, and then Doug Pederson sent Jake Elliott for a 57-yard field goal that he missed.
Here's what Fulgham said:
“I should have done this piece by all means. It's up to me. I should have come up with this game to keep the drive going and hopefully give the team the win. "
So not only is he suddenly the Eagles' best recipient out of nowhere, he's humble and accountable too. Something that sometimes seems to be missing here.
Why exactly did the Lions and Packers release this child in August?
It does not matter now.
Fulgham is an eagle and if his first two games are any sign of it he won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
"First, he's a beast," said Carson Wentz. “He showed up today, really showed off the two great pieces he had last week, they weren't a coincidence. Kid is a baller. I've done a lot of great things and I was really proud of him and pumped for him. "
Last Saturday the Eagles added Fulgham to their training team. He had his first two career catches in beating the 49ers, including a 42-yard touchdown. On Sunday, at the 38:29 defeat of the Eagles in Pittsburgh, he was unstoppable with 10: 152 and another TD.
He wasn't even on the team for the Washington and Rams Games, but he's already leading the Eagles in receiving shipyards.
Its 152 yards are the most an Eagle has ever had in its first five career games and the most against the Steelers since Gronk three years ago, and its 209 yards are the most anyone has seen in their first two games as an Eagle since T.O. in 2004.
"I'm just trying to do what I can," said Fulgham. “If Carson throws me the ball, just come down and play the game. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to take the win, but we will continue to build on that. Carson is a great quarterback. He puts the ball on the money and I'm getting on the game. "
Fulgham is only the 11th player in the history of the Eagles with 10 or more catches and 150 or more yards in a game.
He now has one 150 yard less game in Eagles uniform than Mike Quick, Harold Carmichael, and Pete Retzlaff in their entire Eagles careers combined.
He had more yards in the second half of Sunday (85) than any other Eagles receiver in the last nine games.
He has made as many 30-yard catches in the last two games as any other Eagles receiver in the last two years.
He's been in the squad for 10 days.
"He played well, played hard," said Doug Pederson. “We made some great catches, great third downs for us. It was really good to see him. ... you know, just something that we have to keep up every week. He had the big catch in San Francisco and then big catches today. Just something we need to build on and put all of our skills into this position. "
Why did Fulgham always get the ball?
"I go where the defense dictates I go with the ball," said Wentz. “His number received a lot more calls today because he was in the right position. He did some great pieces ... He had the hot hand today. He's a bloody player and we'll continue to build on that. "
Can it take
Is it really that good?
Have the Eagles finally landed the young stud recipient they have been desperately looking for ... from the waiver wire?
Too early to say, although for me it is certainly no coincidence.
It's been a while since a young recipient made such an impression here so quickly. You must return to DeSean Jackson in 2008 and Jeremy Maclin in 2009.
So just enjoy it. Because it can't happen again for a long, long time.

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