Eagles vs. Steelers: Roob's observations after Eagles come up short on road

Roob's observations after another incomplete Eagles show originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia
The offensive finally did some good things and the defense was rubbish. And the Eagles now have a win in five games.
The good news is Carson Wentz was showing signs of life and Travis Fulgham looked like a rising star.
The bad news? Everything else.
Here are my 10 immediate observations on the Eagles' 38:29 loss to Steelers Sunday at Heinz Field.
1. The Eagles have again dug too big a hole and even a brilliant finish from Carson Wentz and a monster performance from Travis Fulgham were not enough to get out of it. If the Eagles were ever to play a full game, they'd be pretty good. But you can't fall 17 points behind the Steelers in Pittsburgh and expect to fight your way out, and that was the problem with this team. You cannot play for 60 minutes. A terrible second half against Washington. A bad first half against the Rams. A brutal start against the Bengals. And they did it again on Sunday in Pittsburgh. Bad start on either side of the ball and 31-14 Steelers before you know it. This team isn't good enough to play around half a game before waking up and that's why they are 1-3-1 after five games.
2. There was a lot to like about Wentz's performance. The first interception should have been negated by a penalty and he could have used John Hightower's help for a 49-yard touchdown. The second interception was a desperation with a 4-20 at the end of the game. Wentz threw two beautiful touchdown passes, brought the Eagles back into play and constructed four TD drives. He was beaten and kept coming up and fighting. The stats weren't nice, but this is the first time I've been feeling pretty good with Wentz this year.
3. Travis Fulgham's performance was seriously one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen, and I've been doing this for a while. This is a guy whose first career catch was last week. And he comes out and not only catches 10 passes for 152 yards and a touchdown, but does a series of jumps, jumps, and jumps for an offense that desperately needs a playmaker. He single-handedly made Wentz look sharper than he had all year round. The Eagles have spent years trying to find a man to do what Fulgham did on Sunday. They tried to draw people, they tried to get people to sign, and they found one that was published by two teams in the past six weeks. I don't want to go overboard and say that Fulgham will answer the Eagles' longstanding WR problems, but maybe he will. This wasn't a coincidence.
4. I understand that Zach Ertz was disturbed while catching Wentz, and it clearly should have been a punishment. But, you know what? Quit the game and then complain about it. This is Ertz's eighth season in the NFL, he should know that. Perhaps at that point there was nothing he could have done to prevent INT. Probably not. But it just looks bad when you wave your arms to the referee while a man a few yards away picks up a pass.
5. Just a brutal feat of defense. The defensive line put Ben Roethlisberger hardly under pressure, who got rid of the ball quickly and without mistakes. He completed nearly 80 percent of his passes with three TDs and no INTs, and no one could cover rookie Chase Claypool, who scored four touchdowns. The Eagles could not resist at all, and the Steelers obtained six of their nine possessions. I understand the Eagles miss people and it sure didn't help when Darius Slay left the game. However, this is hardly an explosive Steelers crime. You are methodical and efficient. So giving up 38 points on Sunday is really alarming.
6. I have no real problem with Doug Jake Elliott trying the 57-yard field goal for the lead. He can do that kick. But it was 4-4 and the offensive had some momentum and if it had been me I would have probably gone for it because there were 3½ minutes left and even if the Eagles had gone 32:31 there had been I don't trust the defense that stopped the Steelers in the end.
7. Not a good day for John Hightower. On the final drive of the first half, he cost the Eagles a first retirement and a lot of time by dancing around and not getting out of hand after a 9 yard catch. Then he let a perfect 49-yard TD from Wentz sail right through his hands. Things like that will land the rookie on the bench very quickly once (if?) Some of the injured WRs come back.
8. Miles Sanders' 74 yard TD run just shows how ridiculous it was that Sanders was off the field at the end of the 49ers game. Sanders is a threat to the home run every time he touches the ball. So if you're trying to push a game away, why not want the ball in the hands of your threat to the home run? Sanders really had no other room than this one game and he was only six meters on his 10 other stretcher (plus one more TD) so I'm not going to complain that he only gets 11 stretcher. But he's such a special talent and he needs the ball in his hands. He wasn't a factor in the passing game like last year and given the lack of weapons that really need to change. He's the Eagles' best player.
9. The Eagles' defense is so aggressive that they are susceptible to trick play. Washington put them on a 20-yard run by Antonio Gibson, the 49ers on Brandon Aiyuk's 38-yard TD, and the Steelers on a 58-yard run by Ray-Ray McCloud. Three of the four longest runs against the Eagles that year were played by receivers. And until they figure out how to stop them, the teams will keep going.
10. After all, I'll never complain about the post, but the guy Darius Slay called a defensive passport in the first quarter needs serious investigation. This is as bad as you will ever see. And it was really, really late, so you know the guy wasn't even sure. That's 21 giant yards to the 7-yard line to set up the first Pittsburgh touchdown. It should have been 3rd and 16th in the Eagles '28. Inexcusable. Really changed the gameplay.

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