Eating This One Food Every Day May Help Weaken COVID-19

This year was a crash course in COVID knowledge. In January we had a vague understanding of the virus; 12 months later, we can pinpoint the best ways to avoid exposure, rattle nearby testing centers, and scroll through common symptoms from memory. And with a vaccination looming in the not too distant future, we are learning more and more about how best to fight and weaken COVID-19. Based on new research and expert opinion, you might consider arming yourself with an old superfood: mushrooms.
Here's why, and for more COVID-related tips, here is The One Vitamin Doctors urge everyone to take it immediately.
Doctors and nutritionists agree that mushrooms can be a crucial boost against COVID-19.
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Jenny Bennett, a Seattle naturopathic doctor specializing in immune-mediated diseases, says both shiitake and maitake mushrooms are "phenomenal for boosting the immune system."
"Especially shiitake," she says. "There's a lot of research going on on how it can reduce viral activity and actually reduce the amount of virus in your body."
Fungi naturally inhibit viral enzymes, as studies in the Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine show, but their superpowers don't stop there. You can also slow down the uptake of viruses, which means you may get less sick and symptoms will progress more slowly if you include mushrooms in a normal diet.
In addition to their direct benefits, mushrooms also help your body by generally stimulating an immune response - there is evidence that they promote biochemical factors (i.e., alkalinity) that help prevent virus replication.
When is the right time to start making mushrooms a part of your diet?
"They are best taken as soon as you start feeling the symptoms," advises Dr. Bennett. "You will always get the best effects if you take them right away, and taking them early will reduce the progression of symptoms."
In the name of prevention, not response, you can now consider incorporating mushrooms into meals whether or not you have contracted COVID-19. For those of us who aren't fans of health, nutritionist Sharon Katzman offers advice on how to make them more appetizing.
If you are more against mushrooms, you can buy dry or powdered varieties and sprinkle them in other dishes. Or, if you like soups, try adding mushrooms to your favorite broth.
Dr. Bennett adds that buying mushrooms fresh and frying them in butter or some oil is also effective.
"Or you can soak them as teas," she says with a laugh. "They don't actually taste particularly mushroom-like."
Mushroom tea may sound unsavory, but if you look at it with a 2020 side, it is perhaps the most apt drink we've had all year round. You can also try any of these 23 healthy mushroom recipes.

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