eBay Find: 1969 Chevy Camaro Z/28

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Check out all the barn dust!
Showing a barn find with barely any dust on it is always suspicious, but that 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z / 28 we came across on eBay is just caked in dirt. At least in one photo, but the seller seems to have washed it well afterwards so you can clearly see all those rust stains in other shots. Amazingly, the minerals in the barn dust didn't protect against oxidation, which is really weird.
Relax and watch some barn finds wash up here.
Probably this isn't a staged barn car or it wouldn't look so rough. The seller says it was recently discovered in a barn in north Texas. The final registration shows 1972. If that's true, it explains why pretty much everything on this Z / 28 looks original. This is one of the main reasons people are mad about barn finds.
The seller says the rust you see is only on the surface so there is "nothing important". They specifically mention that the floors are not falling apart but are being advertised as being solid. The glass and siding look pretty good, but there is a dent in the roof. And although the engine and transmission are believed to be original, the seller says it is an X44 car, so the Z / 28 package was not factory installed. This is a crucial part in determining the value of that vehicle.
Also, there is no title, so only a sales contract is issued to the winner. Would you bid on this car? At the time of this writing, this car is not displaying any bids. It has a buy now price of $ 30,000. With the auction closing on the morning of June 2nd, this Camaro may not move too much until later this month, but we're assuming it will sell for more than this upfront price. Unfortunately, since it's not a real Z / 28, the price isn't that high, so it could really hurt its chances. But you just never really know.
Let us know what you think of this Chevy in the comments. Take a look at the eBay listing here.
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