Eerie figure spotted in security camera footage of living room: 'This doesn’t make sense'

Looking at black and white, granular security material is pretty scary at first.
Do you see a mysterious object flying over your living room in this footage? Dreadful.
TikTok user sarazayedishere shared the creepy video shot with a Wyze camera with his followers.
"My camera recorded this video at 3:20 in the morning," they said in the video when a small white figure hovered over the screen.
Then they exposed the culprit: a rubber glove with a fly on the top that stuck to the ceiling.
That left her followers more questions than answers. How could a fly possibly be that strong and how did the glove stick to the ceiling?
Some commentators were confused.
"How can a fly be stronger than me ?!" said one.
"How did the glove stick to the ceiling and the fly hang upside down? It makes no sense, ”wrote another.
Others were just impressed.
"The fly like: I can show you the world," wrote one user.
"Oh my god I'm losing it," said another.
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