Elderly Black Lives Matter protester injured by police and trolled by Trump in hiding after death threats

A still from the video of two Buffalo policemen pushing Martin Gugino to the ground: WBFO NPR / AFP via Getty Images
Martin Gugino, the protester who was knocked down by Buffalo police officers during the protests against George Floyd, is recovering in a secret location due to threats he received.
Mr. Gugino's lawyer said Thursday that his client had received "worrying and threatening news and a letter" since he was attacked by Buffalo police officers.
The 75-year-old activist was seen in a viral video pushed by a police officer. After Mr. Gugino touched the floor, he lay motionless and blood oozed from his ear. The officers marched past and ignored him, even after they became aware of the blood. At one point, an officer actively prevents another officer from stopping to help.
Days after the video was distributed online, President Donald Trump tweeted a conspiracy theory that Mr. Gugino may have been an "antifa provocateur" trying to "scan police communications to darken the equipment".
The president's tweet, as well as other conspiracy theories that the Catholic peace activist Gugino was a plant or pretended his injuries have made the older activist a target of the far right.
Donald J. Trump

The Buffalo protester pushed by the police could be an ANTIFA provocateur. 75-year-old Martin Gugino was pushed away after scanning police communications to darken the equipment. @OANN I watched it fall harder than being pushed. Aimed scanners. Could be a setup?
3:34 p.m. - June 9, 2020
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His lawyer said the severity of the threats is still being determined.
"It is not clear that these are credible death threats. To avoid the risk, Martin will recover in an unknown place after his discharge from the hospital. We do not expect this to happen for a good week, so things could happen . " change, "said Kelly Zarcone.
Mr. Gugino has been hospitalized since his injury. Recent reports indicate that he suffered a brain injury and was unable to walk.
The police officers who bumped him, Robert McCabe and Aaron Togalski, were suspended by the police in Buffalo and charged with assault. Both have pleaded not guilty.
After her suspension, 57 of her colleagues gave up their duties on the Buffalo Police Emergency Team. The resignations were originally published as a solidarity act by the police union representing the department, but officials later dismissed the allegation and attributed the mass resignations to fears that the union would not cover their attorney fees if sued for action taken in the George Floyd protests.
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