Elf on the Shelf Ideas for Your Christmas Eve Grand Finale

Elf on the Shelf may be Santa's little spy who, to the chagrin of parents around the world, became a holiday tradition - but it seems he's here to stay. Opinions about Elfy are quite polarizing; Either you love it and think it's festive and fun, or you hate it and think it's scary. Either way, Elf on the Shelf is growing in popularity. So it looks like it will stay - until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, of course, the elf did his duty to inform Santa Claus who is naughty and who is nice. So he says goodbye to the kids until next year and returns to the North Pole (aka being put in a box in the attic).
It can be fun to finish preparing for Christmas with an Elf on the Shelf finale - something that is fun and super simple - without looking over the top or requiring too much detailed execution. Because let's be honest: the parents have enough to do on Christmas Eve without having to worry about an elaborate goodbye.
Are you looking for quick and painless ways to say goodbye to the elf and give your kids one last vacation hunt for the little boy in red? Don't say anything more We have it all for you so don't feel like you've already blown the best elven ideas by the days leading up to Christmas. After all, Christmas is the best time of the year. So end the year with an elf on the shelf. Goodbye, which your kids are sure to remember - and save the rest of these ideas for next year.
Christmas Eve box
Let your elves make one last gift before you go home: a Christmas Eve box with a Christmas movie, popcorn, some Christmas PJs, and hot cocoa packets. The gift of a cozy evening with the family in front of the fire, watching a vacation film - what could be a better goodbye?
Sneaky Sleeping Pic
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Take a cute picture of your elf with your sleeping children and make this picture the background on your phone. When they wake up in the morning tell them that you discovered your pixie has returned to the North Pole, but not before you've taken one final selfie. If you can get away with this without waking your little one, maybe your naughty elf can play one final prank and pull some mustaches on your sleeping angels. Maybe stick an elven hand up your nose. Just a suggestion.
favorite book
Let your elf leave a new Christmas book before flying to the North Pole and you and your kids can read it together before bed. Leave a sweet note on the front page and every year your kids will have a new literary treasure to add to their Christmas collection.
Small tissues
Leave your elf in a pile of crumpled handkerchiefs so your kids know that despite the smile on his elf's face, this guy is actually broken about going home.
Lights, camera, action
Leave a camera behind so your kids can document Christmas morning and send the photos to their elves. Just put your elf's name on an envelope with Grandma's address on it (use a disposable camera so your phone's camera roll isn't filled with 2,948 pictures of wrinkled wrapping paper). Download this cute, free, printable goodbye letter for elves at Eighteen25.
Elves gone wild
If you have multiple elves and want to keep their departure carefree, leave a message for your kids that your elves are out of control and need to take time out to the North Pole before their Christmas service. If your elves were particularly naughty during the countdown to Christmas, the whole family can laugh lovingly at memories of their antics - so that they don't tear from the little ones when the elves leave.
A version of this story was originally published in December 2019.
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