Elizabeth Hurley Feels 'Grateful' as She Celebrates Her 55th Birthday with a Bathtub Photo Shoot

Elizabeth Hurley took off her birthday suit to herald her 55th!
The star, who is never afraid to show skin in a variety of sexy bikinis, has posted a funny picture of her leaning back in a bubble bath with her arms thrown over her head to celebrate another year around the sun.
"Happy Birthday ???? This is the fifth birthday we celebrated while blocked in my small group - including my mother's 80th and my son's 18th," Elizabeth signed the Instagram post. "I am thankful to be happy and healthy and to have the best family and friends. We hope that real life will start again one day ????"
The 18-year-old son of the actress and model Damian Hurley has dedicated a sweet birthday homage to his mother in honor of her special day on Instagram.
"Happy birthday to my twin !! My partner forever in crime? I love you, mom xxxxxx," he signed the photo.
In the comments, she replied, "I ❤️ you baby."
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Last year, Elizabeth said that she preferred to opt for unconventional methods to keep her body taut. "I don't train per se, but I'm very active," she said to Extra. "I do a lot of sport, but it's really gardening ... cutting a hedge, cutting a tree with my chainsaw, cutting wood, all the stuff I do. So I'm very active."
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The video continues in the 1930s
She also likes to stay fit by doing hula hoop and swimming, which she has shared with fans on social media. "Hula hoop exercise," she signed a picture with a tiny pink bikini from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimwear line as she posed with a red hula hoop around the middle.
The star was even seen topless splashing in a pool in Greece.
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"Trying to swim off the calories," she wrote alongside the video.
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