Elizabeth Olsen's Hilarious Comments About Chris Evans and Danielle Haim Will Make You LOL

Elizabeth Olsen may have needed her superpowers to pass that lie detector test.
On May 13, the WandaVision star was in the hot seat while Vanity Fair put her through a real-life polygraph test. Though Elizabeth kept her answers serious (and honest!) for the most part, she revealed some hilarious truths about what she really thinks about some of her Hollywood peers, including Danielle Haim and Chris Evans.
The interviewer began the test by reminding the Marvel actress that she once mentioned being "intimidated" by Danielle - who she has known since high school. Elizabeth described her as "a very talented person" with "a very cool vibe".
Elizabeth was then asked for her opinion on Danielle's acting skills. (The singer had a small role in Licorice Pizza, which starred her sister, Alana Haim.)
"Danielle was at Licorice Pizza recently," the interviewer said. "Do you think you're a better actor than her?"
While laughing, Elizabeth replied, "Yes," adding, "Sorry. sorry Danielle I hope she would agree.”
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The Doctor Strange actress was then called out by the polygraph attendant for "lying about liking the movie or her acting" when she said she loved Licorice Pizza and thought Danielle was great at it.
"F--k, man. I'm sorry Danielle,” she said. "You did great. I do not know what happens. It's so uncomfortable right now."
Things didn't get any easier for Elizabeth. Later in the test, she revealed where her friendship with Chris stands, sharing that the two used to be very close.
"We lived very close to each other and during that time we hung out a lot," Elizabeth said. "I still like him, but I don't hang out with him anymore."
The interviewer then asked the actress if she stopped hanging out with her Avengers: Endgame co-star because he was tap dancing.
"No, that's one of the things I like about him," she replied, adding that she's "seen him tap dance" because he does it on set.
When asked if the Captain America star or Chris Pratt was her "favorite Chris," Elizabeth replied that her feelings were "inconclusive" because "they all have different things to offer. They're all nice people about."
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